Let IT Go

You’re probably wondering, why this topic? It's because many of you took the time to complete my A NEW ME short survey when you subscribed and I just want to say thank you! There were a couple of specific topics that had a higher percentage than others. One topic commonly chosen was "I want to learn how to let go of my past,” which received 66.67%. I wasn’t surprised this topic was highly requested because we can all relate to having difficulties letting go of something in our lives. What we fail to let go it affects our present and has the potential to negatively impact our future.

I understand people are at different emotional stages in their lives. While some of you may feel that you've let go of quite a few things and you're in a very good place, there are others who continue to struggle with moving forward. They feel stuck. Over 90% of the people who have reached out to me for counseling or advice feel stuck. They may be physically moving around, going to work, meeting the minimum requirement for relationship connections but inwardly, they feel like their soul is in mud or quicksand.

Outwardly, many of you may appear to have it all together, but the truth is you're sinking...fast. It's frustrating to say the least! I know, because I've been there (too many times). For that reason, I'm glad many chose this topic so we can dig deeper and discover ways to move forward so we can let IT go.