2018, The Year of _________ !

I was going to give this year a name but I realized I would only be doing that for myself. I've seen multiple posts of individuals defining or naming their 2018 and they were all different but I loved seeing the diversity! So I thought, why should I be the one to put a name to a year that may not mean the same to you?

So, I'll start by asking you the question: How do you define 2018? What is it "the year of...." for you? First, I want you to think intently about where you are in your life today. It's important for us to assess where we are currently and then decide where do we want to be. What are you believing for in 2018? What do you desire? What are some areas you want to change or improve upon? Has God given you a personal focus for the year? Maybe you're not into themes and you've lived your life by luck or happenstance. This year, I want to challenge you to be more intentional about putting a name to your year. This will create more focus, direction, and success.

Despite how different everyone may define 2018 we have a common thread from the jump: New Beginnings.