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How Does God Heal Your Sexual Hurt?

God should be our first choice and not our last resort when it comes to healing our broken heart. It’s not something we can easily or quickly fix all by ourselves in due time. He can do things for you and in you that you just can never do for yourself. He knows what happened and knows how to unbreak your heart. There is no sexual wound or pain from the past that is greater than His grace and strength. None.

He knows what sex can do.

He is the One who created us male and female. Sex is His idea, not ours! He knows how it can bond a couple together and how it can tear a person apart. Might that be you? He knows how delightful it can be AND how dangerous it can be. He knows it can be beautiful or horrible. He knows how exhilarating or humiliating it can be. It’s not as casual as we think it is, even with two consenting adults. We tend to find that out too late! He knows how deeply you’ve been sexually hurt.

He knows what you went through.

You think He deserted you but He didn’t. Nothing escapes Him. You weren’t alone then and you’re not alone now. He knows all the exact details of who, when, how, why, where, and how long – more than anyone else. He can give you clarity and closure like none other. Include Him in your healing because He knows everything that happened to you and how this hurt will help you to heal others in the future. I know, you’re not there yet and that’s okay. He’ll show you when.

He does what we can’t do.

He offers you strength and peace that the world cannot give you. No self-help book can accomplish what His book can do for you. No one can whisper the soothing words He will share with you when you’re quiet in His presence. If He can calm a raging storm, walk on water, make blind people see or raise the dead – is there anything He can’t do as you allow Him to soothe your soul?

He knows what hurt feels like.

Jesus was betrayed and abandoned by people who promised loyalty and protection, much like you were. He was stripped naked, physically violated and sexually humiliated, much like you were. He’s been there and done that with life’s trauma, injustices and sufferings. He hurt just like you do now. He was acquainted with grief and a man of sorrows. So yes, He knows your pain.

He came to bring you life.

He came to earth to set people free. Does that describe how you feel? Do you feel stuck where you can’t forget that memory of who hurt you, how it happened and turned your life upside down? Those memories flash back in you with no warning, triggered by all sorts of daily activities. Jesus came to rescue us from thoughts that can destroy us. He came to bring life, not take it away. He brings light to those who are living in darkness or depression. It’s what He does best. Let Him.

Their future is in His hands.

It’s tough to handle your hurt because it seems like they got away with it and fooled everyone. You lost and he won, it seems. Maybe they’re still fooling people to this very day. Remember though – it will be reversed. He rights all wrongs. Whoever did what they did to you will not get away with their secrets or sins, forever. One day, it will be exposed and punished at the same time when He wipes away your tears and erases your memories. So, don’t think there will never be justice!

Your heart is in His hands.

God can restore and soften your damaged, hardened and wounded heart. He told us to give Him our burdens so we can find our rest in Him. He’ll make you feel clean again. When you’ve got shattered dreams, broken promises, family dysfunction, panic attacks, health issues, trust stolen, overwhelming rage, childhood lost, or agonizing memories right now – God is your best shot in this life of becoming whole again. Finally, you’ve found Someone you can trust who will never betray or hurt you. You have Someone who will never lie to you nor ever leave you alone. Will you take that first step in giving your sexual hurts to Him so He can begin healing you and giving you the hope you need?

Pray this prayer.

Lord, I give you my sexual hurt. Heal my total being and make me whole again. Restore my self-worth and value and grant me forgiveness towards my offender(s). I give you my pain in exchange for your peace. Show me the way, truth, and life in You Lord Jesus. Lavish me in your love that it may give me strength to live and love again. I give you my heart and my life. Make me new and show me purpose in this pain.

In Jesus' name. Amen.


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