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Maturing From the Spirit of Hate

Why do people hate? Truth, it's a reflection of their insecurities and spotlights their lack of "doing." I know because I've been there and if we can be honest, we've all been there. We want what someone else has or had but we're not willing to work for it.

Well, I want to bring to your attention a different kind of "hate." What if the "hate" someone else has for you or you have for them is warranted? Let me clarify, it's not right by NO means, but the "hate" is understandable. Let me explain it like this: When I think about a "hater" I often think about Joseph. You can start reading the story here. Joseph was hated by his brothers because their Dad favored him. Actually it said that their Dad, Israel "loved Joseph more than any of his other sons, because he had been born to him in his old age..." (Genesis 37: 3).

Could you blame the sons for hating Joseph? It didn't stop there, his Dad also showed his favoritism by making Joseph an ornate or beautiful robe. In essence, Joseph wore

favoritism everywhere he went.

To add insult to injury, Joseph had the nerve to have dreams. These weren't your average dreams either. There were two major dreams of being in a position of power. The symbolism of the dreams were of the family bowing down to him. The scripture said in Genesis 37:8b "And they (the brothers) hated him all the more because of his dream and what he had said." Israel, also "rebuked" Joseph, because he couldn't make sense of it, but "kept the matter in mind" (Genesis 37:11). Israel must have thought, Hmmm...there's something pretty significant about these dreams.

It would appear that Israel created an environment among all of his children that caused rival, competition, and a thirst for his attention. It was evident who he favored, so if you were in this situation how would it make you feel? You would probably feel some type of way (hate) if you wanted that much attention from someone but kept being pushed aside by a blatant ornate robe. It would seem this type of hate is understandable considering the circumstances. Isn't it amazing that we as God's children respond like this to one another? Lisa Bevere says,"God doesn't love us the same. He loves us uniquely. Uniquely means prototype and without rival."

When I think about it, God being our Father, I see how much He showers us all with unique gifts, abilities, and dreams. He clothes us with an ornate robe, His son Jesus, so that those who believe in Him can receive the same benefits God the Father has given Christ.

Our mere existence makes us unique. God has given us all different dreams to fulfil but we must connect with Him to know exactly what that is. So how does this spirit of hate develop? It forms in the hearts of those who are constantly comparing themselves to others who have a different dream or call as them. It develops when in the hearts of those who feel they're not getting the same attention as someone else in their calling. It would appear God has placed an ornate coat upon them because He seems to "bless" them more than you. My friend, that's a lie! You have the same benefits as those you compare yourself to, but if you're willing to rightfully align yourself with God you will be able to see that.

When you tend to put more closeness and energy in the spirit of hate it will further push you away from what God has called you to do. If you're currently operating in this mindset, it's a great indicator it's time for a change of heart. It's time to exchange that spirit of hate for the love of Christ. It's time to ask God to forgive you for operating in this mindset and ask Him to show you who you are in Him and what you were created to do on this earth. It’s time to give up what you feel you lack and start asking God to show you how to work with what you've been uniquely given!

Though Joseph's Dad created that environment of favoritism, the brothers had an opportunity to use their inward insecurities to do something great. They could have chosen a better way. Maybe they could have partnered with Joseph to understand his dreams or communicate with their Dad about their feelings to find a resolution to their deep seated pain. Instead that hate fueled their decisions to do something so drastic that would change their lives. Those brothers betrayed Joseph and sold him into slavery leading Israel to think he was dead.

To mature from a hating spirit we have to remember these important aspects found in Joseph's life. First you must understand what you want in someone else took tremendous sacrifice. The pain they went through to execute those dreams almost cost

them their life!

They were forgotten (like Joseph was forgotten by the cupbearer), they were wrongly accused (like the situation between Joseph and Potiphar’s wife), they experienced extreme loneliness (Joseph's life day in/out in dark prison cells - also reflective of inward loneliness), and they had to battle the pain and prevent developing a spirit of bitterness towards others. They HAD to remain faithful to God (Joseph wrongly imprisoned and persecuted by his brothers) because they knew that was the only way the dream God had given them would come to pass.

We know how the story ends. God positioned Joseph to rule in the highest position under the King. In all that Joseph went through, he was finally standing face to face with those who hated him. Joseph's brothers were now bowing down to him (not knowing he was). When Joseph revealed himself, instead of spewing the hate back onto them, he makes this astonishing statement: "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives" (Genesis 50:20).

Joseph's maturity in God led him to see the bigger picture. Joseph finally recognized how their spirit of hate and his hardships were the only route towards his dreams coming to pass. My friend we must learn to mature from the spirit of hate to the spirit of congratulate. We must learn to honor and desire to glean from those who have gone before us. If we're going to look at the positions of other people, we must view it from a place of appreciation and spirit of encouragement. As we do this, it allows us to mature from our spirit of hate. As we focus on what God has called us to do wholeheartedly, we will began to see, that we too have been given a great call and purpose. It may look different than someone else's but THANK GOD FOR THAT! It just means it reflects your uniqueness and individuality. If God wanted you to do what they did, He would have created you to do so, but remember, you are the prototype. No one can compare to the "you" God created. You are enough and the only way to see that is to connect with the One who created you. Whether the hate is warranted or understandable, don't dare make it right. The beauty in it all, God will use the bad from the spirit of hate to accomplish what has to be done now so that the lives in great need can be saved (Genesis 50:20).

There's no need for the spirit of hate, just a spirit of thanksgiving. As you mature from the spirit of hate you too will have the freedom to wear your ornate robe with the spirit of giving and serving others through Jesus Christ.

Today, I challenge you to go thank someone today or tag them in this post for being GREAT in their purpose because what they've been called to do or influenced to do will only propel you forward in your God given purpose as well!


Dr. Estrelita Bruce, Founder of A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly


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