Scarred and Loved

I suffer from a chronic condition that I have to take medication for daily. Initially I had to ingest nine pills a day because of the severity of my condition. When my chronic condition is in remission, I am able to maintain it by only taking three pills a day. Recently my insurance company decided to no longer pay for the medication I had been taking for several years for my chronic condition. They suggested I try four other medications and stick with the one that works comparably best to the one they used to approve. Out of the four medications, I chose the one that was the most effective – I was required to take four pills every morning.

As time progressed, things begin to change – those changes unfortunately were marked all over my face. One day it hit me. As I stared at my speckled face, I deliberately held my tears hostage. I did not want to cry about this. I refused to even allow my tears to roll down such ugliness. No. I won’t let it happen. I shift my face to the right to inspec