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“So proud of you and all your God-Ordained achievements. Always praying that God will reveal to you the secret of

HIS ABUNDANCE for your life…”

I received this message about a month ago from my former Pastor in Houston, TX. He commented on one of my new pictures marketing this blog. His message really resonated with my spirit because I had never heard anyone pray for God to “reveal the secret of His Abundance in my life.” That’s deep right?

Before I talk about that powerful quote I have to admit, launching this blog has not been as easy as I thought it was going to be. Yet my struggle has nothing to do with posting the amazing blogs of the contributors. I thoroughly enjoy reading what others have to say about A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly and what it means to them. I love reading the testimonies of others because I know it can help someone else who has or is currently struggling with living a restored life. Lastly, I absolutely love FAB (Fashion & Beauty) Fridays! It's easy to post someone else's story, but it's much different when you are challenged to post your own. That has been my struggle!

I know what the Lord told me to do. If you read my very first blog entitled “The Inception of A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly” you will again understand how much of a private person I really am. I DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT like sharing very personal things to just anyone!

However, there was a time I was completely opposite of this. I would share TOO MUCH to the wrong people! If can you relate you know how we can summarize the experience in one word…HURT! I eventually realized it wasn’t their fault. They were simply being who they were or are. I soon discovered not everyone in my life was meant to fulfill a specific role I desired. I had unrealistic expectations of certain friendships or relationships.

It wasn’t until I discovered A NEW ME that it changed the perception of who I am. My relationship with Christ helped me to embrace this of course. This level of maturity also taught me to accept people for who they are, realize where they actually stand in my life, and what role they are supposed to fulfill if any!

"Knowing who you are first is always key to defining

your other relationships." -Dr. E

I'm telling you, at one point in my life the STRUGGLE was indeed REAL! There were countless nights of me reading and crying as I read Psalm 139 repeatedly when I just didn't know who I was. The ENTIRE chapter always reminded me just how much God truly knows me best (because hey...He did create me:) even when I didn't know myself!

I will never forget this one experience! One day some years ago while in prayer, during my identity struggle periods, the spirit of the Lord whispered so sweetly in my ear, “Whenever you feel that you’re losing yourself, you can always find yourself in Me.” Talking about breaking down into the ugly cry! Oh what comforting words to know my life is hidden in Christ, but to find it I had to seek Him out (Colossians 3:3).

This leads me to share...after really seeking God regarding "the secret of His abundance for my life” I found my answer and it’s two-fold. Come close as I share my "secrets" with you...

1. It meant I had to continue to embrace A NEW ME.

I am free. I am no longer bound by my past mistakes or even my grief which means I must continue to live in my freedom by sharing what the Lord places on my heart to share. Is it easy? Um no. Not at all! For me, I don’t like sharing my weaknesses because it makes me can I say this…“LOOK WEAK!” LOL However, according to God’s word, God’s strength is made perfect in times of weakness. (2 Corinthians 12:9) Simply put, it AIN’T about me! Guess what, it AIN’T about you either honey boo, boo! LOL

Embracing your “NEW ME” also means you must let go of “what was,” to embrace the potentials of “what could be” to “what is.” It’s living a TRANSPARENT life as God leads you.

“When we as God’s children realize that His grace is sufficient for every situation, at that point we are no longer victims. We are free to rise above and move on beyond whatever may have

been done to us, to release those who have wronged us,

and to become instruments of grace, reconciliation, and redemption in the lives of other hurting people—even in the lives of our offenders.”

― Nancy Leigh DeMoss, The Quiet Place: Daily Devotional Readings

Trust me, you're not alone by no means! I'm learning daily to become an instrument of God's grace...TRANSPARENTLY.

2. The secret of God’s abundance is also found in…OBEDIENCE.

I’ll have to dig a little deeper and write a completely different blog about this one because God has been really shouting this loudly through my personal devotions. Oh yes! You want to succeed, prosper, and live the abundant life? It requires your obedience. Your FREEDOM is also contingent upon your obedience. Nancy Leigh DeMoss also says it like this:

“Freedom is not doing whatever you want to do, but freedom is

found in obedience.”

Powerful right?

Want to eat the good of the land? It will take your willingness and your obedience. (Isaiah 1:19). Obedience requires action! It’s what you choose to do every day throughout the day. Again, as stated above, I’ve struggled sharing certain things with you but I would rather struggle than miss the opportunity to experience God’s abundance!

As my former Pastor has prayed this for me, I wanted to share this powerful message with you as well. My dear friend, I pray that “God will reveal the secret of His abundance for your life.” I know what this means in my life. If this resonates with you too, ask God to reveal what it means in your life. I would love to hear how it does apply if God so leads you share TRANSPARENTLY or just keep it a "SECRET." Whatever it means to you, just make sure you walk in obedience so you too can embrace God’s ABUNDANCE!

Get ready to embrace “A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly.”

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