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Your Presence is Your Influence...

Psychologists tell us that we are so social in our design that whenever we are aware of another’s presence, we are also responsive to it.

This means that every person represents one reason the people around them act they way they do.

A City on a Hill Cannot Be Hidden

Your presence is a stimulus at large in the environment. Your words and actions are, in effect, invitations to others to act and speak in certain ways.

When people come within range of your psychological influence—within range of your words, tone of voice, body language, moods, attitude and actions—your total character operates as a sustained force in their lives and inevitably a maker of other people’s moods and behaviors.

Be the Message

Each of us has some area of influence.

When we acknowledge this fact, we define the privilege, responsibility, and strange authority that is ours.

It means the most revealing description of ourselves is the one that is given, every day of our lives, in the “responsive” behaviors of other people; in what they say and do, or refrain from saying and doing in our presence.

It also means that we can never, so long as we are alive, escape from our role of influencing others…

What’s your influence?

Reach out if you desire to connect.


-LaVon Grant

Get ready to embrace “A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly.”

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