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Embracing FALL

Next to Spring, Fall is my favorite time of the year. I always anticipate that first cool breeze that confirms winter is on its way. I embrace the gloominess of the sky and welcome the shadow of coolness that accompanies it. It solidifies that our bolstering summer days have come to an end. All the humidity, the stickiness, the bad hair days and the exhaustion that lingers in our lives during the summer season are coming to an end.

As I anticipate Fall’s arrival, I began to reflect on the changes that will occur. For some reason, I began to concentrate on the fall of the leaves when seasons change. Their descend made me think of the many times I’ve fallen through my seasons of change and how God never failed to provide me with His strength (Psalms 138:3) to endure and stand

firm during those seasons. Although uncomfortable, I was able to grasp and hold on to the thought of an expected end. I began to crave my expected end.

I knew it would come because of the faithful One that would bring “it”. He unselfishly rescues us during our falls (Psalm 56:13). He is the one that gives us the hope to hold on; He is the one that preserves our spirit (Job10:12) and places a song in our hearts (Psalms 28:7) – He is so loving to provide for us during our most uncomfortable seasons.

Seasons bring about a change. A letting go of one season that made us uncomfortable to involuntarily moving us to another one that’s a bit more comfortable and inviting. How awesome is our God in that He provides for us during all “seasons” and He gives us confidence that with each season we face, we face them with Him. He gently and softly reminds us that we have a God that endures those seasons with us.

Before we realize it, He so smoothly ushers us from a place of mourning into a place of refuge (Psalms 59:16), into a place of rejoicing (Psalms 34:1) and into a place of restoration (I Peter 5:10). With each season of change, A NEW ME emerges stronger, more powerful and more engaged in God and His Word. Every Word from His Word provides me with a soft place to land – just like the leaves that graciously fall from their home on a tree branch to the bed of the earth below. With God, our fall is cushioned, our fall is careful and our fall is complete. But with each tumble or fall, change is taking place. The former is falling away to make room for the new. A NEW ME – A better me for Him.

During your fall, remember to embrace the power and gift of prayer, thank God for the sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ – remember to bless God for His unfailing love for us. Remember to be grateful for the generosity of His grace. Thank Him for his matchless mercy and for faithfully accompanying us through every season which will ultimately bring about an expected end (Jeremiah 29:11) – which is the beginning of A NEW YOU.

Here's why Terrie (My Nanny Jewell:) decided to join the Vision of A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly:

"Although I prefer to be "behind the scenes", I was apprehensive but honored when I was asked to be a contributor to the blog. I began to reflect on Dr. E's journey. I remembered being introduced to her struggles after our initial conversation many years ago. God exposed her to me before she even spoke a word. All of her. Her hurts..her pain...her sadness...I knew then of the battles she was facing. I began to love her even more because of her fight for wholeness and peace (within) and I knew God had placed a treasure in my hands. A treasure for me to comfort, a treasure for me to cry with, a treasure for me to protect for His Glory, and a treasure for me to care for. I took pride in covering her the way God wanted me to because I knew He had deposited a great vision in Estrelita! How could I not participate in this New Me Vision?! I am so very proud of her for never giving up on her desire for wholeness! Her transparent story along with her desire for wholeness has now created a desire in the hearts of other women who are now on their own journey to wholeness ~ Transparently. Abundantly." -Terrie Thomas

Get ready to embrace “A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly.”

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