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Are you ready to embrace A NEW ME?


Your A NEW ME Journey begins here.

-Dr. Estrelita Bruce


A NEW ME Counseling & Consulting, LLC provides Professional Counseling, Christian Life Coaching, & Consulting services that help individuals experience and maintain mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation and success.

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Existing Client

My experience with Dr. Bruce has been one of my greatest blessings thus far. I am in awe of God's strategic planning of connecting us and allowing her to play a vital role in my healing process. Not only has Dr. Bruce held my hand through this process but she has helped me to learn how to embrace every part of it. She has undoubtedly, given me so much hope and excitement for my future! I also very much admire that she has taken the time to learn me as her client and how I receive things. Her spiritual guidance has helped me to start becoming the woman that God predestined me to be. I am forever grateful for this season of my life and Dr. Bruce being a part of it.


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Existing Client

My experience has been more than amazing! I've grown and learned so much about myself as a woman, daughter, friend and spiritually. Dr. E is so easy to talk to and provides so many "Ah ha" moments that I can't even count them all!

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Existing Client

When I first started sessions with Dr. Bruce I was fragile and broken. I could not see past my pain and the hurtful words that had been projected on me by people I loved and adored. Dr. Bruce got in the mud with me and helped me unpack emotional scars to begin my healing journey. She did so without making me feel helpless or undeserving of grace. As a result of my sessions, I no longer feel the need to appease anyone for validation. The need to be a people pleaser or liked isn’t my life anymore. I understand I’m enough even if it means standing in my truth alone. Her compassion allowed for me to be authentic and broken without fear. Her presence was a safe place. After each session, I felt empowered by her ability to hear me without judgment. She helped me see the beauty of my being.

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Connect with Dr.E

Are you ready to embrace A NEW ME?  


Dr. E. would love to connect with you and help you embrace A NEW ME.  Send her a note, call the office, or send a text to: 424-263-9632.

She can't wait to hear from you! 

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