A NEW ME Foundation Feature: Rock, Paper, Scissors Foundation - Kristal Clark

When Kristal reached out to me about a week ago, I couldn’t help but to feel excitement! I’ve been seeing her foundation floating around on Facebook for some time. After we interacted via Facebook messenger, we decided to converse via phone. At the initial sound of her voice I could hear her heart. I wasn’t merely listening to her ask me about collaborating with her for an upcoming event, but it was the spirit in which she asked me. There was such a genuineness about her. I could tell it wasn't just another event for her, it was her passion! Though she is truly connected in the industry (with well-known people), she didn’t use that to bait me in, nor was it her focus. After our talk, I knew that collaborating with her would be a no-brainer!

Because of our genuine connection, I couldn’t help but ask if she would agree to be my February, A NEW ME Foundation Feature. I’m so glad she acquiesced because now I have the honor of featuring Kristal Clark, founder of Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) Foundation.

Kristal is a woman of many hats! She’s not only a licensed Real Estate Agent and Esthetician, but she’s also a vibrant entrepreneur who actively pursues positive change in the community prompted by her passion for people.

A NEW ME Family, I want you to give a warm welcome to this special Valentine’s feature, Kristal Clark, a true servant leader who has a heart and LOVE for God and her purpose! I hope you enjoy the interview!

Tell us a little bit about you, who is Kristal Clark?

I am a Portland native who approaches life with vision, sophistication and confidence. I look to inspire everyone I meet. I find fulfillment in acts of service and what is most enriching and fulfilling is encouraging people from all walks of life. Where you may find me is at one of the largest Celebrate Recovery(CR) programs in Tacoma. I love meeting, greeting and giving hope to everyone who walks through the door. The reason is because this venue reflects my values: promoting self-esteem and re-igniting self-worth in those who have experienced a loss of dignity and purpose.

When it comes to a cause with the magnitude of one of the largest epidemics striking society, both locally and globally, I have decided to take a solid stance of confronting this plague of sexual abuse and human trafficking head on! Not only do I want to shed light on this dark practice of exploitation in our neighborhoods through fundraising, education and entrepreneurial enterprises, but I want to join forces with a team of leaders engaging in awareness campaigns to wake up our cities to hope and help for those being exploited through human trafficking.

I truly believe that fearful men and women have been silenced for much too long that is why Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) was created to specialize in supporting those who have been physically, mentally and emotionally abused through providing a safe place to share, heal and spread awareness. I would hope and pray that my walk is far greater than my talk as I challenge others with this theme, "We can't do anything about the past, but we sure can do something about the future."

I absolutely love your foundation Rock Paper Scissors(RPS). What is the meaning behind the name?

Rock Paper Scissors Foundation's passion is to help restore people from brokenness with this powerful message. ROCK - No matter what you throw at me; PAPER - No matter how you try to crumble me; SCISSORS - No matter how you attempt to cut me down; I am an OVERCOMER!

What is RPS’ focus?

Rock Paper Scissors Foundation exists to foster healing and give a voice to those who have been silenced from all forms of abuse and human trafficking. The primary goal is to connect victims of sexual, physical, psychological abuse and human trafficking to resources that will help them break free, heal and become restored.

What’s so amazing about our foundation is all of our leaders are overcomers who have united together to help others stand up against these injustices.

Tell us about some RPS accomplishments and the partnerships you’ve established in your community?

We have quite a few programs, accomplishments, and partnerships:

We have Rock Paper Scissors Foundation Youth Mentorship Program - Tacoma Public Schools. The RPS Mentorship program provides support to female students who have a history of abuse or low self-esteem. The program is designed to encourage ambition, empower their self-confidence and worth, and to help them set goals and ways to achieve them.

We have an upcoming Break the Silence Conference in March 2017. Therapeutic Healing Conference for 100 Women who are currently overcoming and/or have experienced some form of abuse or human trafficking.

We also have an after school program at First Creek Middle School, which is funded fully by the Puyallup Tribe of Indians.

We also have participation in We Day Tacoma for the past two years. The goal of this program is to empower and enable the youth to be agents of change. Its founder has served as a motivational speaker to over 2,500 7th graders.

Lastly, we have a SARID Growth Group, a 12-week customized course designed to help survivors overcome their past. In January 2015, 6 human trafficking survivors graduated from our program.

Wow! The foundation has done some amazing things! What are some additional recognitions you have received as a result of starting RPS?

Rock Paper Scissors Foundation was awarded the Darkness to Light Partner in Prevention distinction for 2017-2018. This represents our commitment to the prevention of child sexual abuse and to helping children grow up healthy and whole.

Also, on April 14, 2015, RPS received a Proclamation from Mayor Marilyn Strickland of Tacoma, which declares April 14th to be “Rock Paper Scissors Foundation Day” in the City of Tacoma. The Mayor urges all citizens and community organizations to support this observance by helping to educate residents about all forms of abuse and human trafficking in our city as well as across America and around the world.

Congratulations! That's so amazing! What type of impact do you want RPS to have on the community?

RPS is determined to be a movement and not just another organization. RPS Team Members have all experienced some form of abuse which makes them powerful, passionate, and purposeful. RPS is determined to be a voice that is louder than the cries from abuse. We have been relentless in our mission.

I truly believe the best way to reach people is to identify with them. My passion for this cause isn’t only having a heart for people, but personally understanding the stories of abuse and how deeply it affects one's life. I had to first face my past before I could help others change their future. This journey started with taking the steps to change the way I see myself.

The harvest of this self-journey produced a voice creating platform through social media, outreach, as well as designing a t-shirt line to promote the cause. This platform also created a network of supporters that stand against injustice.

You also have a heart for human trafficking, with your exposure to helping this population, what type of resources do you provide for these individuals?

First let me provide some shocking statistics about human trafficking many people may not be aware of:

African-American children comprise of 52% of all juvenile prostitution arrests, more than any other racial group.

1 in 4 girls will experience sexual violence by age 18.

Childhood trauma and instability make children more vulnerable to being trafficked.

The average age of girls entering trafficking is 12-14.

Because of those shocking numbers, here are some resources we provide:

We provide a phone number for help, the National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888.

RPS Hosts a SARID Growth Group, a 12-week customized course designed to help survivors overcome their past.

RPS helps survivors of Human Trafficking relocate to a Safe House.

We also partner with A-21 in their annual human trafficking worldwide Walk For Freedom.

You also have some amazing event coming up April 14th and in 2018, and I'm so honored to partner with you in this endeavor! Can you tell us more about it and what the women can expect to receive?

The is a therapeutic healing event that is called Break the Silence Conference, Part II. The conference will be held on Saturday, April 14, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. at the Courthouse Square in Tacoma. The women will have access to local and national therapists, life coaches, mentors, and motivational speakers. We are bringing a collective group of unique & beautiful women together to press forward and soar in life!

We have handpicked two phenomenal speakers:

Real Talk Kim, she knows what it takes to equip and empower women at any stage of life and travels the world fulfilling her passion and purpose of loving people back to life.

Dr. E, we are excited you are joining us as well since your area of expertise is known for transforming traumas and losses into opportunities for personal growth, healing, and purpose.

We believe women will not only be inspired, encouraged and uplifted, but ready to confidently walk out your life's journey. The conference atmosphere will promote healing for the mind, spirit, soul and body, and will encourage each woman on their journey to wholeness.

We are also super excited to host the same therapeutic healing conference called Break the Silence Conference in Sacramento, CA on October 27th. We have an amazing California Team, which is led by Denise Boyd.

You've also written a book titled "A Life Guide to Living Victoriously Over Abuse." What is it about and why did you write it?

This book was written to empower you to overcome the pain from your past that may still resonate in your present. This guide will help equip you to fight through any situation by creating an overcoming mindset. Here you will find life giving transparent moments and quotes that will empower you in your everyday life. Although we personally speak of rising above the abuse that once held us down, this overcoming journey is for everyone. If you have ever been disappointed, discouraged, disengaged, and disheartened, this book will guide you to restoration so that you can live life in absolute freedom NOW!

This guide will help you navigate through the hardships of life. Through personal experience from the authors as well as others, the reader will learn how to grow from the feelings of rejection, bitterness, hurt and pain so that they may live in their full potential. Step by step, you will begin to remove the layers from your past so that you can heal again.

I also believe this book is not just a one-time read. The reader can use this book as a tool to use in pre-recovery, during recovery, and for ongoing recovery.

We hope the readers are ready for a change that will leave them better and not bitter. If you are ready to disempower your past and empower your present then A Life Guide to Living Victoriously was written just for you, so let’s take this journey together!

To connect with Kristal, buy her book, or support her foundation please visit:

Purchase A Life Guide to Living Victoriously Over Abuse

RPS Website | Donate | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Kristal Clark Website

Kristal, thank you so much for sharing your life, passion, and the RPS Foundation! Your insight and journey has certainly added value to our lives! I believe this interview will be a great eye opener and bring more awareness in our communities nationally and globally! I look forward to joining you and Real Talk Kim in April. Thank you for being genuinely you, and helping us on our journey towards embracing A NEW ME!

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