Have you ever done one of the many challenges presented on social media? The ice water challenge, the push-ups challenge, the fitness challenge, and even the surprisingly shocking and foolish challenges such as the fire challenge, choking challenge, etc.

How did you go about deciding if you would participate in those challenges? Did a friend tag you, call you out, or message you? Did you just hear about it and thought it was for a worthy cause and accepted the challenge? Or, did you initiate one yourself and challenge others to join in? Either way, you accepted the challenge and moved forward for the allotted number of days and completed the work.

Today, I’d like to challenge you in a different way. I’d like to challenge you to be aware, to confront and to challenge others regarding mental health. “Oh Lord,” you may say. “Something serious and thought provoking.” “Something requiring me to make a change or at least a significant adjustment in my life.”

Yes, this will require some movement and some adjusting on your part. I’ll be brief and to the point, as I usually am. Your mental health is at risk if you do not care for it. Your mind impacts EVERY aspect of your life; physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and relational health. Think about it, if you are depressed how effective are you in your work? Yes, you may push through but you are not at peak performance because your mind is not in it.

As believers in Jesus Christ we tend to minimize the abilities of God. I know you may be thinking, no I don’t He can do anything. YES, He can but do you allow Him to? You may initially disagree, but think about it. Is professional counseling the first or even the second option for you when you have a struggle in your life? How much consideration is truly given to the matter even though it has been going on for days, weeks, months and even years? Does that say “Yes I trust God with everything?” I’ll answer that for you, NO! It says that you feel like you can handle the area of your life on your own and all you may have to do is “pray ON it,” have more faith, read your word and God will do it.

What if the answer to this problem is for you to seek help outside of what’s comfortable for you? What if you HAVE TO work on all of the issues that lead up to this point in your life now? What if, you have to make a MAJOR change in order for this thing to be made whole?

God has created and equipped professionals, such as myself, as a Licensed Professional Counselor, psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health workers to help you work through issues such as this. Where’s your faith? It’s still very present because you took time to care for yourself in order to become a better you.

God IS all that we need! However, He is not limited to what we view Him as. God has strategically appointed professionals that are equipped to assist you in attaining and living the abundant life in which He promised. Coupled with prayer, fasting, reading the word, and faith He has approved a natural means for you to heal and be well.

So today, I extend a CHALLENGE. Seek help! Get help! Ask for help! Don’t allow your mental health to continue to deteriorate and ultimately depreciate the value and quality of the life God has given you.

“Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.”

(Proverbs 11:14)

Natalie Dyer, LPC

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