Welcome: A NEW ME Blog Contributor, Alisha Woodall, MA, LPC-S

For 2017, A NEW ME has partnered with mental health professionals who will provide you with rich content intended to inspire and educate you. Today, I am excited to introduce another brilliant mental health professional and A NEW ME Blog Contributor, Alisha Woodall, Licensed Professional Counselor. Alisha and I connected when we were asked to grace the cover of CEOMOM Magazine. I was immediately drawn to her beautiful smile and sense of humor!

She is passionate about mental health care which was a no brainer for us to remain connected. Her profession and areas of expertise definitely aligns with A NEW ME's mission which is to Educate, Encourage, & Equip individuals to live their lives transparently, abundantly. I knew she had to be a contributor because she has a wealth of knowledge to share with us that would add value to our lives. I'm so glad she agreed because you will soon discover she may have the answers to help you maintain psychological health.

Alisha, we welcome you to our A NEW ME team and we look forward to your contributions!

Alisha Woodall is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Postpartum Doula and mother of a growing young man. Based in Dallas, Tx, she is the founder of Finding the Foundation, a counseling practice dedicated to assisting clients along their journey of self discovery and heightened awareness.

While Alisha works with a diverse clientele dealing with issues ranging from depression, life management, addiction and relationship concerns, she also specializes in helping women understand and embrace the important role transition from womanhood to motherhood. Passionate about wholistic health, Alisha is an advocate of mental, physical and spiritual wellness; a firm believer that true wellness is only achieved when all three are addressed equally.

Alisha is excited to help you embrace mental and emotional wellness!

We anticipate sharing her first blog post entitled:

"Just Because They Look Good Doesn't Mean They Feel Good."

Contact Alisha

Finding the Foundation

Alisha Woodall, MA, LPC-S

5050 Quorum #700

Addison, TX 75254


Website: FindingTheFoundation.com

Facebook: Finding The Foundation

LinkedIn: Alisha Woodall, LPC

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