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Today, I am excited to introduce another amazing mental health professional and A NEW ME Blog Contributor, Dr. Sam Serio. Dr. Sam and I connected on LinkedIn. He's such a kind man who has a heart for Christ and is passionate about helping individuals in the areas of "sexual hurt." I love the path he has taken to educate others on this sensitive and taboo topic. He eloquently sheds light and hope to those in need of healing in this area. Learn more about Dr. Sam Serio and be prepared to embrace the knowledge and wisdom he wants to freely offer you!

Dr. Sam Serio is Author of the new book entitled "Sensitive Preaching to the Sexually Hurting" which has won The Gospel Coalition 2016 Award for "Best Ministry Book of the Year". He has spent the past 35 years in Counseling and Preaching and he now serves as the President of the Atlanta-based counseling service of Healing Sexual Hurt (www.HealingSexualHurt.com). People from all over the world contact Dr. Serio by phone, email and Skype for his wisdom and expertise in showing them how God heals us from any and all kinds of sexual hurts or habits.

Abortion. Pornography. Sexless Marriage. Casual Sex Lifestyle. Same-Sex Attraction. Sexual Assault and Date Rape. Childhood Sexual Abuse. Emotions are deeply felt from each of these activities that have been done by you - or to you. These are the seven delicate and difficult topics which distinguish Dr. Sam Serio as the world's expert in the faith-based approach to helping people find personal freedom and victory from their sexual trauma, sins, memories, lifestyles, secrets and wounds. He has also written extensively in national Christian magazines and been interviewed on several radio programs. This is his calling and ministry.

Want to reach out to Dr. Sam or purchase his award winning book?

Visit: www.HealingSexualHurt.com

LinkedIn: Dr. Sam Serio

Dr. Sam is excited to help you embrace mental and emotional wellness!

I anticipate sharing his first blog post entitled:

How Does God Heal Sexual Hurt?

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