F.A.B. Friday Feature: Letitia Owens

T-sha Owens...She. Is. FABulosity!

Just click on the interview below to understand how her journey has helped her to embrace REAL BEAUTY and how she is inspiring others through her authenticity, love in Christ, and her desire to serve others!

Trust me, you will be blessed and the laughs are for FREE! :)

About Letitia Owens:

There is something compelling about the eclectic style, and smooth melodic tones coming from a former background singer and current personal stylist for 7X Grammy Award Winner and nationally known gospel musician Kirk Franklin. T-Sha is a native of Dallas, Texas and is taking the gospel radio network by storm coming from the background to the forefront with her gracious spirit and obedience to God, praise and worship ministry with a contemporary gospel recording sound that is compelling for all and will be played across radio station genres nationwide. T-Sha has worked with the likes of Prince, Fred Hammond, Mint Condition, Myron Butler, Joy Hill, Anthony Evans, Priscilla Shirer, Candy West, Stylist J. Bolin, Melani Ismail and Marvin Sapp.

T-Sha, is a woman of character, integrity and humble spirit with a servant’s heart that does not go unnoticed. She has earned the accolades of becoming a national speaker, television personality, emcee, and beauty advisor. She is very proactive within the community, continuously hosting events such as baby showers for pregnant Homeless women, a pajama drive, a back-to-school rally for Homeless youth, in addition, she also hosts a talk show titled TRANSITIONS (featured on YOUR NOW Network (PlayNow Studios)), Mother’s and Father’s day events, Celebrity Cook outs, and an immense amount of other events.

T-Sha is the Founder/CEO of the homeless organization, Where Are You? Homeless Outreach. This organization serves the homeless by providing resources to a plethora of forgotten people who are in need of the basic essentials such as food, clothing and shelter. These individuals are homeless not hopeless. T-Sha didn’t know what homelessness was until she actually became homeless herself. She lived in her car and had a front row seat to a community of people who went largely unnoticed and misunderstood by society.

As she proceeded to pray and ponder, the questions she dwelled upon were, “Where are they going? How do people live like this?" and “Where are you- friend?” These questions birthed the words for her single “Where Are You?” As her circumstances shifted, the opportunity came for her to complete the writing and production process of her song with national Gospel recording artist Fred Hammond along with Jason Robinson, Maulik Gumbo Smith and Erick J. Morgan.

The organization, Where Are You? Homeless Outreach, naturally sprung forth after the completion of the song and the regular Homeless events. It is her passion and purpose to bring awareness, educate, empower and inspire those who are affected as a direct result of their current situation of being homeless.

Join T-Sha on her upcoming events and don't forget to support her organization: Where Are You?

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