“This or That?” Hayley’s Beauty Q&A Session

Happy F.A.B. (Fashion and Beauty) Friday!

Beauty tips, tricks, and trends are forever changing. One moment one product or method is popular, and the next something new is on the horizon. Today, I am introducing a new Q&A session to the blog called, “This or That.” Ever wondered if threading or waxing the brows results in a more defined brow? Or maybe you can’t figure out if wearing a primer every day is really worth your time. Well, you are in luck because today we will be discussing those questions and more!

Waxing or Threading?

My friends and family ask me this one all the time! Honestly, this one ultimately will boil down to personal preference because both can be painful. However, threading (my personal preference) typically results in a more precise shape and natural finish. Threading also allows for a better defined arch because the esthetician is able to glide the thread on the actual hairs he or she intends to remove or cut with scissors. With waxing, the esthetician must ensure she that has place wax on the right hairs and that they properly come off once the wax is removed. Threading is also less aggressive on the skin and involves no heat or chemicals. (Photo Source: Pinterest)

Primer or No Primer?

If you wear liquid or cream foundation… ALWAYS primer! Primer may seem like an extra step but it is worth it for all skin types, and especially if you have combination or oily skin. Primer seals the pores and prevents your makeup from making them appear larger, but is also non-comedogenic and will not clog pores. Primer also smoothes skin and prepares the face for a more velvety and flawless foundation application.

Primer also perfects your complexion by filling in lines on your face and reducing the appearance of any wrinkles that may be trying to rear their ugly heads. My favorite primers are the Smashbox Oil-Free Photo Finish Foundation Primer and the Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer. You can find both at your nearest Sephora!

(Photo Sources: www.sephora.com)

Matte or Glossy Lip Colors?

(Photo Source: Instagram - @MakeupShayla)

This one is completely based on preference. Matte lip colors are very popular right now, and they are personally my favorite right now. However, certain makeup looks, especially more dewy ones, look great with glossy lip colors. The Sephora Cream Lip Stain and the NARS Lip Gloss are highly recommended lines for long-wearing lip colors that stay in place after application, which can both be found at Sephora. My favorite matte lip color lines are the MAC matte lipsticks (www.maccosmetics.com), Dose of Colors liquid lipsticks (www.doseofcolors.com), and Coloured Raine (www.colouredraine.com) liquid lipsticks. Lastly, if you don’t already, follow MakeupShayla (pictured above) on Instagram! She always shares the products she uses to achieve her flawless makeup looks, including the matte and glossy lipcolors she uses!

False Lash Strips or Lash Extensions?

(Source: www.shopstyle.com)

This one is a little personal for me right now because I am currently trying to make this decision for my wedding! For years, false last strips (better known as falsies) were the go to for enhancing lashes. More recently, individual lash extensions have become the new beauty craze. I personally think both have good benefits! If you are looking for a quick and affordable way of adding drama to the lashes, lash strips are the way to go. Ardell lash strips are my go-to drug/beauty store lashes when I want a quick lash fix for a girls night or a date night with my fiance’. If you really want to invest in a pair of lashes that are of higher quality, I suggest ordering silk or mink lashes from Ace Beaute’ or Lilly Lashes. These lash strips can be worn 20-30 times with proper care.

If, however, you are looking for a more long-term lash enhancement, I recommend lash extensions. Last stylists use a special waterproof bonding agent to glue a lash extension onto every single one of your lashes. Lash extensions allow for a customized lash set for your eye shape and typically last 2-4 weeks before a refill is needed. Lash extensions are more expensive, as a full set can average around $100 and refills around $60. They are an expensive habit, but beautiful if one is willing to maintain!

Do you have any beauty questions that you would like me to answer? I would love to do another edition of “This and That” and answer them for you! Please leave your questions and any comments you may have about today’s blog in the comments section on the various social media websites where this blog is posted.

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Stay beautiful ladies!

Hayley Scott, A NEW ME Beauty Blog Contributor

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