Are You Building a Team?

I recently had breakfast with someone that I have admired from afar for a while. She didn’t know how much admiration I had for her; so I played it cool during our time together. That breakfast was such a huge deposit in my life and business, I felt as if my personal banker told me I had a million dollar wire transfer from a business deal.

One statement during our time together changed the trajectory of my business was, “Christy, you have to build a team.”

Now here’s the irony of that statement, I have always been a team member but had not taken the time to build my own. I’ll be honest, I had tried numerous times to build a team (of contractors/vendors) only to be left with a very dissatisfied taste in my mouth. I then started questioning my ability to grow and scale my business so it could thrive. You might be in the same position as I was prior to that business breakfast.

Don’t fret, let me share with you the steps I took to start building my team:

Step 1: Document Your Process

Before I could bring anyone into my organization, I had to document my processes. My team will only be successful if they know “How” and “Why” they are doing a task. I had to get clear so I could only answer those questions effectively and develop my processes accordingly. This is the starting point for developing future SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure). As the brains behind my business, I have to put it on paper. This way someone can come behind me and follow my logic while providing the same level of service as I do.

Step 2: Find the Gaps

The most natural step after documenting my process was to find the gaps. Once I laid out the process, it became very apparent where my gaps were. The gaps are the holes in my business where I am missing the mark or neglecting something altogether. These gaps revealed areas of improvement, while representing opportunities for growth. This step is critical for building my team.

Step 3: Determine Key Team Players

I decided to build my team around my areas of weakness or the gaps in my business. My business began to grow after I decided to strengthen my areas of weakness. I used to think that I had to be good at it all. That type of thinking placed a limit on my business. I finally got out of my own way and made room for others to step in and support me where needed utilizing the skill sets and experiences they had to offer. Building a solid team allows me to work on the business and not in the daily activities of business. It also proves to be a value add win-win situation for all if the right people are in place.

Are you ready to build your team?

Christy L. Staples, A NEW ME Entrepreneur Blog Contributor

Business Architect, GetLaunched!

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