HELP ME! I Have So Many Business Ideas...

Entrepreneurs are walking idea generators! It’s something about the way we are wired; our brains are trained to recognize the opportunity to offer a solution. One of my favorite quotes that I live by is, “If you want to be rich; solve a problem.” The concept sounds so simple, but it’s really what goes on inside the brain of an entrepreneur. Since this is how our brains operate, we need to know what to do with all of our ideas so they don’t get lost among all the other ideas in your head.? Here are three simple steps to take with every idea:

Step One: Write It Down!

There is nothing worse than having a great idea and not being able to remember it later. Ugh! I have had so many great ideas while in the moment and didn’t write them down, which left me unable to recall the details later. The best thing to do is to write down ideas while you are in the moment. That moment is filled with passion because you are on fire about the identified opportunity to provide a solution. Capture everything that comes to mind in that moment. Don’t miss a detail, no matter how silly or far off it might be. The goal is to perform a brain dump. Get everything out of your head that is floating around about your idea. Designate one idea book or LaunchPad (i.e., notebook, journal, google doc folder, or evernote) for your new ideas only.

Step Two: Flesh It Out!

After your brain dump, take a few days to sleep on the ideas. If you need to add a few things,then do so. Here’s the step that most people never act on; flesh out your idea. Fleshing out your idea is the process of chewing on the meat and potatoes of your idea. Answer the following questions:

  1. What problem is being solved?

  2. What services or products can be offered to solve that problem?

  3. Who is the ideal customer that needs the solution?

  4. Why does your ideal customer need this solution?

  5. How much is the ideal client willing to pay for the solution?

  6. Does the solution already exist?

  7. What is the cost to produce the solution?

  8. What resources are needed to launch?

Step Three: Launch It on Time!

We all know that timing is everything! Launching the right idea at the right time is optimal for success. You ask, “How do you determine the right time to launch?” Launch your idea when your target market demands it. It goes back to the simple economics principle of Supply and Demand. If your target market is demanding your idea, then it will be perfect timing for you to supply it.

If you follow the three simple steps above, you should be able to process your ideas in a logical manner. Your ideas no longer have to be stuck in your head creating clutter. Get your ideas out your head and on paper. Now go get your LaunchPad and start dumping your brain!

Launch Tip: Don’t be afraid to let your ideas flow; just capture them while in the moment!

Christy Staples, A NEW ME Entrepreneur Blog Contributor

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