The Perfect Wedding Beat

Happy F.A.B. (Fashion and Beauty) Fridays!

Wedding season is upon us! As a few of you may know, wedding season has been upon me since last September, when my handsome hubby-to-be asked me to marry him! Since then, and as most brides and brides-to-be know, the wedding planning process has been a whirlwind. However, the one thing that has been less of a worry has been planning for the wedding "beat."

Even if you are not into makeup, having a great makeup application is important because you want to look your best throughout the day. Wedding makeup can truly transform your bridal look and be the perfecting touch as you walk down the aisle to your future husband. Today I will highlight six important factors as you plan and prepare for your wedding makeup look.

1. If you plan to use a professional makeup artist(s), book them as early as possible to ensure the makeup artist(s) you prefer is available on your wedding date. If you plan to book an artist for you and the bridal party, consider the need for more than one (at least two). This is beneficial for the purpose of time especially if you have more than six faces (including yourself). Be sure to ask important questions about pricing, group discounts, and methods/timing of payment. If the makeup artist(s) requires a formal contract before signing your life away, read the fine print and keep a copy for future reference. If your makeup artist(s) offers trial sessions, be sure to do one to ensure you will get your desired bridal look.

2. I truly believe there are NO rules to wedding makeup looks. Some brides prefer a more natural look, while others want to be GLAM! If going for a natural look, a flawless foundation application, defined brows, some natural highlighting/contouring, a great lash strip, and the perfect nude or natural lip color will be the most important aspects of your look.

Photo Credits: Instagram – Joyadenuga, Pinterest – ElegantWeddingInvites, Pinterest – Wedding Makeup Search, Instagram – Tiyanarobinsonbeauty (left to right)

3. If going for glam, then honey go for GLAM! As I mentioned before, there are NO rules. Sometimes the more glam looks have been reserved for fall weddings or weddings near the holidays, but you can truly do whatever makeup look whenever you want to! Choose a deep color for the lips or a sultry smoky eye. There are a few important details to remember if going for a more dramatic look. If you plan to have a heavier foundation or highlighting/contouring look, be sure to have tissues on hand. This may sound like a "duh", but if you cry during your day you want to catch the tears at your eyes. You DO NOT want those tears of joy sliding down your face and possibly streak your face. Yikes! Talk about a wedding photo disaster!

Below check out some great examples of GLAM brides. Top left is bride, A NEW ME founder, Dr. Estrelita Bruce. Bottom left is A NEW ME Beauty Blog Contributor, Antoinette Staples with their glam bridal makeup looks!

Photo Credits: Dr. Estrelita Bruce, Pinterest – Wedding Makeup Search, Instagram – G.L.A.Mbytonenette, Instagram – Makeupbydenise (left to right)

4. Whether going with a natural or dramatic glam look, properly prep your skin for a great application. Some brides or even bridesmaids opt to get facials. However, using a great facial cleanser, exfoliator, and mask will work just as fine. This can minimize breakouts or blemishes and provide for a flawless application. Also, whether you have a professional makeup artist doing your makeup or you choose to do it yourself, be sure a face and eye primer is used for long makeup wear. Your FABulousness needs to last for hours!

5. Be sure that any mascara or eyeliners used are waterproof in case you cry. That type of streaking is just as bad as the foundation. If you do a deep lip color, go for a liquid lipstick that will dry on your lips. Chances are your new husband will not want too much of that shade of color on his lips when he salutes his bride!

6. Finally, if you do a trial with your makeup artist make sure you inquire about the products they use and how you can purchase them. The lip color and powder are essentials for touch ups throughout your special day (unless the makeup artist(s) will be staying during the wedding and/or ceremony).

Insert Bridal Collage – Picture Credits : Instagram – Antoinette_Yvonne, Instagram – G.L.A.Mbytonenette, Instagram – Jomichelleartistry (left to right)

I hope this has been helpful! I would love to hear your thoughts from past/present brides near/far about the makeup look you have chosen or will choose for your special day. Drop a comment on our various sites where this blog is posted. Also don’t forget to follow my Instagram beauty blog, @FaithLoveBeauty! As for me, I think I'm going for GLAM bridal look but I'll spare you the details because I know my honey will be reading. :)

Until next time, may you have much faith, lots of love, and the REAL beauty of the Lord!

Hayley Scott (almost James ☺), A NEW ME Blog Contributor

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