In the Eye of the Storm

Thunder. Lightening. Strong Winds. Hail. Flooding. There are two words that render me unsettled every year: hurricane season. Although it appears lately that we do not have to officially be in hurricane season in order to experience hurricane-like weather because our city, along with others, has been bullied by one major rain event after another causing devastation all around us. Whether it’s flooded homes, flooded cars, being stranded for hours or the unfortunate loss of life we have been affected by it all. We have been helpless victims of its wrath wondering with fearful anticipation when the next storm is going to arrive. It’s heartbreaking watching various news reports as they give us panoramic views of water-filled neighborhoods and washed out roads that have swallowed vehicles whose owners thought they could make it through…but the flood waters were no match for any make or model as it devours their vehicle and everything around it. These storms have arrived untamed and unconcerned about the path of destruction it takes or the devastation it leaves behind.