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Hi Dolls! We’re excited because today we have another F.A.B. (Fashion and Beauty) Friday blog to share. As we think about some things today’s woman can find useful while defining her version of F.A.B. we set our minds this week on the beauty of contouring.

In the makeup world contouring has been used for years to accentuate some of the most glamorous faces or at least that’s the illusion the contour is intended to give. When done just right you can make cheek bones look higher, noses more symmetrical and appear like they were carved from today’s best surgeon. What we love about a contour is that every feature looks more flattering in photos and to the natural eye when contouring comes into play. Of course as with anything else the technique used when applying your contour is key to achieving the desired look.

When “strategically" placed, get ready to present the main attraction because this kind of G.L.A.M will be the topic of everyone’s conversation. Isn’t if funny that much like this thing called life, a strategy must also be in place to do our makeup just right? Just because you use a contour powder doesn’t mean you will have the desired look you want. Application makes all the difference.

When thinking about being strategic in your goals and aspirations, applying your gifts and talents is part of the challenge. Need assistance in that area? Let Dr. E and A NEW ME help point you in the right direction! Want to make sure you're strategically contoured? We want to be the ones to point you in the right direction so you're GLAMourously set a part!

Below we have added a photo of the areas of the face you want to apply the contour versus the highlight (which we will share in another blog).

Now that you know where to apply it, we want to make sure you know the best tools and products to use. We recommend using a contour brush. Some of our favorites are found below. You can use the Mac 164 brush.

As an alternate and for a fraction of the cost try the Morphe E-16 Pro Angled Contour Brush.

You’ll find that if you’re a beginner powders will be easiest to blend so we recommend Blunt which is a dark matte blush by MAC.

We also recommend Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit found at Sephora.

You’ll find these brushes and products easy to work with and before you know it you will always leave home with two things: a nicely blended contour and full dose of G.L.A.M!

Have a GLAMorous & FABulous Friday!

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