You Don’t Have to Quit Your Day Job for Entrepreneurship

Very recently I had the honor of introducing our first A NEW ME Entrepreneur Spotlight: Christy Staples. She's a dear friend of mine who is passionate about helping others GET LAUNCHED into their business endeavors. Christy has also recently joined our team as A NEW ME Blog Contributor who will share invaluable advice in Entrepreneurship and Business. I'm more than certain you will walk away ready to take action or will be challenged to assess your business goals! Today she will share some powerful information and the realities of the title, "entrepreneur." Get ready to GET LAUNCHED in the right direction!

You Don’t Have to Quit Your Day Job for Entrepreneurship

Lately, entrepreneurship has taken on a glorified status that is far from the truth. There is a yearning to be in the spotlight and to live a life of “glitz & glamor”. Others have become attracted to the “moving & shaking” or the “hustling” that comes with being the Boss. This type of misconception leaves others that are employed feeling less than or inadequate. The truth is: “You can exist in both worlds as an "employedpreneur.”

Employedpreneurship is a term that has been coined in recent times referring to people who are full time or part-time employees and entrepreneurs at the same.

For a long time, the notion of opting between traditional employment or entrepreneurship has been peddled making it appear as though the two cannot mix at all. In fact, people with entrepreneurial interests are often encouraged to quit their jobs and pursue these interests. To begin with, it is important to step out of your comfort zone if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur and it is indeed true that 9-5 jobs are comfort zones for many. However, you don’t have to necessarily quit your job if you want to be an entrepreneur.

My experience as an employedpreneur has been very rewarding. Let’s go back a few years to when I was unexpectedly unemployed. I just knew it was my time to launch my business full-time. Armed with unemployment and a small savings, there was no turning back to Corporate America. After failing miserably and forced to get a job; I was crushed and clueless as to why it didn’t work out. I studied my mistakes for a solid year without operating my business. During that time; I realized my mistakes in the following areas:

1. Cloudy Vision: I wasn’t clear on the vision for my business. Clients can see confusion a mile away and will use it to their advantage or not do business with you. You must be clear on the vision for your business.

2. Lack of Infrastructure: I didn’t have a process or systems in place to run my business. I was all over the place with on boarding clients and following up. It is to your advantage to build an infrastructure for your business that fits your business model.

3. Undefined Strategy: I was haphazardly doing things that were not planned or were not a right fit for me (because my vision was cloudy). Business strategy is the vehicle that brings your vision to life. If you don’t have a well-defined plan or strategy, your business will not grow. At that time, my business was not growing at all.

​The rewards began to come after I embraced my mistakes, allowing them to help me move forward and not hinder me. I got a vision for my business, built an infrastructure and developed a strategy to accomplish business goals. I was successful in doing this because I keep my day job. Having the security of a steady paycheck allowed me to strategically grow my business. I no longer take on projects just to pay the bills. That’s the freedom that comes with having more than one source of income.

Are you ready to launch into employedpreneurship?

Christy Staples, A NEW ME Blog Contributor

Contact Info: 832-305-5361

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Get ready to embrace “A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly.”

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