Getting Camera Ready...

Happy F.A.B. (Fashion and Beauty) Friday!

As you probably know, I had the honor of gracing the cover of CEOMOM magazine

about a month ago. Vonna Matthews (Founder) wanted to spotlight three CEOMOMs in the DFW area in a colorful way!

When Kat, Alisha, and I arrived on set for the shoot we were pleasantly surprised to see how well we color coordinated, even down to the accessories! With a few laughs on deck, I believe the photographer captured our REAL BEAUTY in a professional and confident manner. We had a great time for sure!

Pictured L to R: Kat Armstrong, Alisha Woodall, Dr. Estrelita Bruce

I may not be a professional stylists, but I certainly love to play "dress-up" like any other woman! I believe Getting Camera Ready means creating a storyboard of how you want to look in the eyes of the beholder. The photographer of choice should capture your story effortlessly. Because Vonna opted for something colorful and fun, I wanted to make sure my focal point, the dress, really embodied class, color, and flirty fun!

One of my absolute favorite stores is Karen Millen. When I found this store in the Dallas Galleria I became a frequent Karen Millen Junkie! Whenever I need a sophisticated dress it's very rare I walk away disappointed. I cannot tell you how much money I've spent in that store but my husband sure can! I usually choose pieces with a little stretch for comfort and fit for my athletic body type.

Dress/Belt: With the assistance of a Karen Millen sales associate, she helped me snag this "viscose/polyamide/elastane heavy material, round neck, sleeveless, striped, pullover style, stretchy" beauty of a dress! Because of my body type I have to create a waist so I paired it with a thick leather and suede, tasseled belt from BCBG, another one of my favorite stores. (Similiar belt found here.)

Shoes: With a new outfit you all know I didn't' have any shoes in my closet to wear right?! (wink) The Karen Millen sales associate suggested I pair my dress with these Black Lace & Suede Peep Toe Boots. I agreed! I HAD to get them (like I didn't have a choice:)! Besides, they were originally $250 but they were marked down to $175.00 and slap an extra 40% off I spent a little over $100, #winning! What I love about the shoe is its versatility and comfort. The lace gives them elegance, sexiness, and can be paired with a gala gown, or with a fun flirty piece like my dress. (No longer available online. Similar affordable style found here. A designer style found here.)

Accessories: You've probably seen my necklace on many photographs because it's one of my absolute favs. I love the detailing of this H&M gold choker which has a thick band, then spacing, and smaller band going around the neck area. I love how they created a gap to pick up the melanin in my skin. It features a thin gold chain descending from the back of the neck area with a single gold icicle drop. (Unfortunately, the necklace is no longer available.)

Because the dress was so colorful, it’s best to keep the accessories simple so I paired my choker with gold, triple icicle drop earrings. I don’t remember where I purchased them, but they were a perfect match! I loved how the horizontal stripes of my dress intersected with the vertical icicles from my choker and earrings. It definitely broke up the monotony! (Similar earrings found here.)

Photo taken by Me: T (Terrie-Our heart), A (Anais-Our Big Girl), K (Kori-Our Little Girl),

E (Estrelita/Estelita-My Mommy), B (Brian-Hubby Face:)

My arm was stacked with some "Initial Cuff" arm candy from BCBG Generation. At the time, the store was having a 40% off sale so I took advantage of this deal purchasing multiple bracelets. I selected each cuff with the initial of every person I hold near and dear to my heart. For a dramatic arm display I would stack them all together or choose a couple for less drama.

I love the detailing of these gold bracelets. The initials are in the center of the cuff in a small circular trinket surrounded by a faux leather backing. They added a little "bling" for pizazz with a chain and circular insert to keep the bracelet in place. The cuffs stayed in place really well so the chains were really unnecessary, but the sounds of the chains dangling added some femininity to my outfit!

Makeup & Photo (#nofilter:) by: Tavia Whitlowe at Shear Art Lounge

Hair: You know you can't trust just anyone with your hair right ladies?! My go to person for coloring and style is Celebrity Stylist and dear friend, LaRon Burns, owner of Xhemistry the Salon in Dallas, TX. What I love about LaRon is his fun personality, care for your soul (not just your hair), will get you in/out, and he never disappoints! I've been going to him for over 5 years now. He actually helped me transition from a relaxer to now being completely natural! I usually like to wear my hair straight so when I need a sleek look or add a few curls, he's my trusted magical hands! For this particular shoot, LaRon curled my hair tight the day before. I wrapped my hair at night so the next day the soft curls would fall effortlessly the way I desired, as pictured above.

Makeup: One of my favorite makeup artists in the DFW area is none other than Mrs. Tavia Whitlowe, owner of For Beauty Sake. I initially wanted her to create a smoky eye, but she wasn’t having it! So we opted for a fresh, soft face with vibrant colors. I was a little hesitant because I have never worn any type of orange makeup before, but Tavia highlighted my cheeks with an orange powder by MAC makeup, sculpted my eyes & brows to perfection, and with the help of Mocha Cosmetics lip gloss, "Darling" (orange), it sealed the deal!

Getting Camera Ready is fun, but it will require some effort and a team (at least for me) to help pull your "story" together. I commend all stylists, beauty professionals, and naturally gifted individuals in the industry who were created to enhance our outward beauty to reflect our inner, REAL BEAUTY! For this reason, F.A.B. (Fashion and Beauty) Fridays is one of my favorite days of the week!

I hope you have a FABulous Friday! Until next time~

Get ready to embrace “A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly.”

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