A NEW ME Entrepreneur Spotlight: Christy Staples

Christy Staples.

Friend. Servant Leader. Giver. Genuine-Supportive Soul.

Will give you her last and her best.

A brilliant business-minded, Employee-preneur.

It is such an honor to feature Christy on our very first A NEW ME Entrepreneur Spotlight. The purpose is to highlight some amazing entrepreneurs who are "movers & shakers" in business and in the community. We want to spotlight these individuals and learn more about the person behind the success.

About Christy:

A brilliant mind trained to put things together, Christy is an accountant by trade who began her career as an intern in the U.S. Department of Treasury. Enjoying her success, but yearning for something more, Christy was constantly exploring ways to dive into entrepreneurship and make waves in Houston. With two unique ideas and an indomitable spirit, Christy’s entrepreneurial spirit birthed a series of business ventures: GetLaunched! and MillionHeirs in the Making.

  • GetLaunched! - A boutique business development firm that effectively equips entrepreneurs and small business owners with the knowledge and resources required to launch, grow, or expand business ventures. This company is perfect for the employed-preneur.

  • MillionHeirs in the Making - A network combining the efforts of young entrepreneurs pursuing various business ventures that are still embryonic and ripe for development and expansion. This group eases the burden of starting and maintaining a successful business by providing motivation, education, and peer support.

Check out our casual, fun, educational, and inspiring interview.

Make sure you have pen and paper handy because this interview will certainly challenge you to get "GET LAUNCHED" and stir up the "MILLIONHEIR" within!

To purchase tickets for the Upcoming MillionHeirMogul Brunch visit MillionHeirs In the Making.

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Christy Staples Contact Info:

To Schedule an Appointment Email: christy@getlaunchedtoday.com

Web Link: Get Launched!

Get ready to embrace “A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly.”

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