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Happy F.A.B (Fashion and Beauty) Friday!

Hey Ladies! Thank God it's F.A.B. Friday!

As we enter into Spring and potentially look to buy new beauty and makeup products for the season, it is a great time to discuss how to do beauty on a BUDGET. It goes without saying how expensive those trips to MAC, Sephora, or Ulta can get, especially if you are somewhat of a product junkie or love trying new products often (Me = GUILTY). Below are a few tips and product recommendations that will give you a million dollar look for less!

In order to save some cash with your beauty regimens, do not sleep on drug stores, honey! Not every beauty product you own HAS to come from MAC, Sephora, or a department store! Your local Target or Walgreens still carries great quality products that cost less. Several of my favorite products or product lines are from drugstores.

For skincare, Neutrogena is truly one of the best product lines in the world. They have skin-care products for all types of skin issues or concerns. Three of my favorite products are the Healthy Skin Eye Cream, Ultra Light Cleansing Oil and the Visibly Even Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30. They also often have coupons that they send out to those that register on their site ( that can be used in stores. Contrary to popular belief, great skincare does not have to break the bank!

Next, we focus on makeup! Again, many great products can be found at drug stores! One of my favorite makeup lines is NYX Cosmetics, which can be found in most drug stores, Ulta, and even some beauty supply stores! Some of the best makeup artists around, including celebrity makeup artists utilize NYX, and most products are under $10. Their matte lip creams and blushes are my favorite, but you can’t go wrong with any NYX product!

Who knew drug stores would carry foundations that wear like high-end lines? Well…they do! One of my favorite Instagram makeup artists shared her love for the L’Oreal Infalliable Pro-Matte foundation and I decided to test its waters for myself. Ladies, I am not exaggerating when I say that I cannot tell the difference between it and my MAC Matchmaster foundation, except for the $23 dollars in price! If you are looking for an affordable matte foundation, I highly recommend this one!

Quality makeup brushes are always important, but don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Morphe makeup brushes ( are great brushes and used by many makeup artists in both the everyday and celebrity makeup industry. There are hundreds of choices of brushes or brush packages and many of the brushes are for $10 or less! Shipping is also affordable, at a flat rate of $4.99.

Finally, a parting beauty budgeting tip. When trying out new products or if you alternate between various products, don’t purchase full sized products. Although I always thought the way MAC and Sephora have their smaller sized products near the check-out line (okay maybe it still is :)), one thing it does to is to allow you to purchase a smaller size of a product for less. I personally always get the smaller size of my favorite Smashbox primer and Laura Mercier translucent powder because they cost less and a lot of usage of each is not required, so they last a long time. Keep this in mind next time you do go to these stores. It can really help with beauty budgeting!

I hope these tips are helpful in aiding all of us in save money while beauty shopping, without compromising quality! I would love to hear of any tips you all have. Please feel free to discuss in the comments on the blog or on social media! I look forward to dialoguing with you all about achieving beauty on a budget!

Sending you all much FAITH, LOVE, and BEAUTY & have a wonderful and FAB Friday!

Hayley Scott, A NEW ME Beauty Blog Contributor

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