F.A.B. Feature Friday - Debbie Honore

Happy F.A.B. (Fashion And Beauty) Friday!

When I was pursuing my Doctorate in Christian Counseling a few years back there was a breakfast place in Houston I used to frequent, while reading my literature, called LePeep. In the same shopping center are restaurants, nail salons, clothing stores, and a Whole Foods Store. One day, after eating an amazing brunch and reading one of my books, I happened to stop by this boutique called "Shoe Fetagé."

The name was very unique and anything that sells shoes, well you know...a girl couldn't pass it up! I walked into this very quaint space and discovered the cutest accessories from jewelry to handbags. This boutique had unique pieces from shoes, to clothing, hats, tees, and my favorite...JEANS! I'm a jeans kind-a-girl as well. I had my eye on a couple of distressed pair of jeans and I just had to snag them!

What I loved most about this boutique was the warm welcome I received from this beautiful spirit who radiated genuineness and a love for fashion! Debbie and I instantly connected as we talked about our life experiences and love for God. We knew it was a spiritual connection and might I add, financial on my part because I couldn't stay out of her store!

I am so happy to have met Mrs. Debbie Honore, Owner of Shoe Fetagé. Who knew that five years or so later we would be reconnecting for this purpose.

Let's get ready to ReDefine REAL BEAUTY this F.A.B. Friday as we take a closer look into the life this amazing entrepreneur and stylist, Mrs. Debbie Honore. I truly enjoyed the responses to the interview and I know you will too!

Dr. E: Please tell everyone a little bit about Debbie Honore?

Debbie: I am originally a New Orleanian that has resided in Houston for the past 10 years. I am a devoted mother, wife, and business owner with a love for fashion.

Dr. E: Awesome Debbie, so what does Shoe Fetagé mean and why did you choose that name for your store?

Debbie: Shoe Fetagé means 'shoe fetish' and I chose that name because shoes are like chocolate, you can never have just one.

Dr. E: Isn't that the truth! My shoes are my chocolate! LOL Why did you get into the F.A.B. (Fashion and Beauty) industry?

Debbie: I've always had a passion for fashion since my teenage years.

Dr. E: Okay, share a moment when you felt like throwing in the towel while pursuing your dream as a entrepreneur in the Fashion industry. What made you continue on?

Debbie: The lack of help that I have received from others. I realized that I would not allow anyone to stop me from walking in my purpose.

Dr. E: Yes, not receiving the help you need seems to be the common thread when starting out which is so unfortunate. It's awesome to see you persevere through that! Now Debbie, I remember us meeting for the first time at your boutique. You shared your story with me regarding your transition from New Orleans to Houston, TX. Share with others what moved you from New Orleans and what was that transition like for you and your family?

Debbie: Once in Houston, my family and I started the process of rebuilding our lives. I went back to work in the retail industry for a company out of New Zealand doing set ups for their brand, however the desire and vision to open her own store began to weigh heavily on my heart and I decided, if I can endure Hurricane Katrina I can do anything.

Dr. E: Yes Hurricane Katrina was horrific. To see your success in a completely new city as a result of such tragedy is a true testimony! Now, Debbie you have some amazing pieces. I've bought a couple of pair of jeans, dresses, and shirts from you a couple of years ago as well and I still love them to this day! How do you go about making selections to add to your store?

Debbie: I make the appropriate selections by knowing my target audience.

Dr. E: Yes that's important. Since you are in this F.A.B.(Fashion and Beauty) industry, please share with everyone how would you define Real Beauty?

Debbie: Real beauty to me stems from within. The more beautiful an individual is on the inside, it will reflect on the outside.

Dr. E: You can never get enough reminders regarding the definition of REAL BEAUTY which is "inward beauty." Speaking of inner beauty, was there ever a time you struggled with it? If yes, how did you overcome it to embrace your real beauty?

Debbie: Yes, of course after having kids your body changes. Being in an unhealthy situation I realized that it was affecting my overall well-being.

Dr. E: Yes Lord it does! So do you find a lot of your clients (or people you encounter regularly) open up to you about their personal inner beauty struggles as they're shopping at your store? If yes, what are some of the most common struggles you have heard and how do you help them during those moments?

Debbie: The most common struggle is the weight issue. It comes up repeatedly and I just encourage my clients to live a healthy lifestyle and the rest will fall into place.

Dr. E: Yes a healthy lifestyle does make a difference. Switching gears here Debbie. Now tell us about your Faith in God. What does it mean to you in you line of work?

Debbie: I am definitely a believer. Everyday is a faith walk and helping others by lifting their self- esteem is important to me.

Dr. E: That's beautiful! So what is the one F.A.B. question you get asked consistently?

Debbie: "How did I start my own boutique?"

Dr. E: Okay, if there was one F.A.B. tip you can give to women struggling with F.A.B. who desire to live a more FABULOUS life, what would it be?

Debbie: If you are a size 2 or size 22, love the skin you're in and embrace it.

Dr. E: I agree with you Debbie. It's all about being confident in who you are now and if you don't like something about yourself, you have the power to change it. Seeing your success grow, what is it like seeing women rock your brand from your store?

Debbie: It's a wonderful feeling seeing all of my hard work come to life.

Dr. E: Yes that has to be a wonderful feeling! Now, what do you like to do in your spare?

Debbie: I like to study style trends and perfect my craft as fashion is concerned.

Dr. E: That's a great way to stay ahead of the game for sure. So what can we expect to see from you in 2016? Are there any additional locations in the works? :) What great plans or projects can we expect to support if you're able to share with us?

Debbie: I have some things up my sleeve in 2016 so stay tuned.

Dr. E: I'm excited to see what you have in store Debbie! Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Debbie: I am truly grateful for the friends and loyal clients who have continued to support me throughout the years.


Dr. E: Well I'm a huge supporter and always will be! Please tell everyone how you can be contacted should they need your services, make purchases, or find out more information about your brand.

Debbie: Shoe Fetagé is located at 11191 Westheimer Rd Suite A and the telephone number is 713-977-7430. You can also contact me on Facebook at Shoe Fetagé and Instagram at @iamshoefetage.

Dr. E: Debbie, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your time and sharing your perspective on REAL BEAUTY this FAB Friday! I know you have inspired many and will continue to do so on your purpose filled journey that exudes both FAITH and FASHION! Everyone, please take the time to go LIKE Shoe Fetagé on Facebook or follow her IG page @iamshoefetage.

All pieces worn by Debbie Honore are currently available at Shoe Fetagé. To place orders or inquire about sizes call 713-977-7430.

Get ready to embrace “A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly.”

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