Pretty Price to Pay

Happy F.A.B. (Fashion and Beauty) Friday!

This is a FAB Friday indeed! We are so grateful to Blog on this Good Friday. It is a blessing to celebrate our Savior and great makeup all at the same time. One thing we know for sure is Jesus paid the ultimate price for us on the Cross. It was a debt too great, and a price we could not afford to pay. Oh what love?!?

Speaking of prices we could never pay; how about the cost of some of these cosmetic lines... We must share with you two brands that are super affordable.

The first on our list is Colour Pop cosmetics. Their products are essentially one third the price of other brands. The best part about it is they give us great payoff!

We recommend using their Creme Gel Colour. It glides on smoothly and the color is bold. We tried this in "swerve", and it definitely has given some of the other popular brands a run for their money, Literally.... Compared to other brands this product is only $6, but gives you the same professional quality. Give your eyes the boldness you've been dreaming of.

The next brand is Coastal Scents. We highly recommend them for our beginners. The truth is, most of us would rather not break the bank to look FAB if we don't have to. This brand has a great variety of makeup brushes under $5 dollars. You'll definitely have to have a nice brush for eyeliner once you get your creme colour. These brushes combined with your colour pop products are indeed a match made in heaven. We are featuring their pro Blender brush. Currently priced at $4.95. We promise if you didn't know how much it cost you wouldn't know the difference.

You will also find extremely affordable eyeshadow palettes. We have featured their neutral 88 shade palette. It can be purchased for only $18.95.

They always say when going for Greatness go for the Gold, well we are going for the silver and bronze. We're saving coins with these looks which leaves more options in your budget for G.L.A.M!

Have an Awesome and "Pretty" Good Friday!

Get ready to embrace “A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly.”

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