F.A.B. Feature Friday - Lucinda Matthew & Daughter, Model Mitali Matthew

Happy F.A.B. (Fashion and Beauty) Friday! It's time to Redefine REAL BEAUTY with this amazing Mom and Daughter Dynamic Duo! Since Mitali was only two years old her mom, Lucinda has been in the trenches to take Mitali's modeling career to new heights. She is now 7 years old and they both have already exceeded their goals!

They continue to climb upwards, but not without the foundation of Christ and understanding the true meaning of REAL BEAUTY. You will discover in this enclusive interview with me how Mitali and her mom are not only outwardly beautiful, but inwardly gorgeous! They both have such beautiful hearts and a desire to share this so freely with others through their God-give purpose and accomplishments!

If you are a parent thinking of immersing your child into a modeling or acting career this one is for you! However, it's not just about learning the "how to's" but understanding your WHY and WHO can lead you towards success. For them it has been nothing short of hardwork, research, balance, and following God's lead. It doesn't stop there because God continues to "make room for them!" You will understand what I mean as you read about their journey. It was such a joy to learn from them both! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Dr. E: Lucinda, before we get started please tell us a little bit about your family.

Lucinda: I am a loving wife and a very proud mother of two, Mitali and Melvin!! My 14yr old son Melvin is from a previous marriage and his dad and I co-parent very well. My handsome supportive husband Jeff and I worked together a long time ago and ran into each other while I was separated. We were both born and raised in Houston, TX however, he is Southern Indian. Both of his parents are from Kerala, India. He and I were not arranged however, we were arranged by God and I am his uniquely paired rib. Together we are a force to be reckoned with and we truly love the Lord and making others laugh! Together we are one happy Blindian (Black/Indian) Family!!

Dr. E: Blindian! I've never heard of that one. That's too cute! Now who is Lucinda Matthew and what is your involvement with Mitali's modeling career?

Lucinda: I would like to call myself a Mixture of Multiplicity…LOL!! I sing, dance, act, make others laugh, educate, motivate, inspire, cook, clean, mommager, and etc. and I am ALWAYS looking for an opportunity to give back. I am a genuine person and what you see is really what you get. I am 100% hands on with Mitali’s modeling career and I am always researching, reading, and working on the next BIG thing to gain more exposure for her.

Dr. E: LOL! Too funny...I love that name "Mixture and Multiplicity!" Yes you are indeed genuine. I love how you're so "hands on" with your daughter, Mitali's modeling career. So why did you get Mitali involved in the into the F.A.B. (Fashion and Beauty) industry and how old was she when she started?

Lucinda: I got Mitali started because I figured if she is going to get complimented all the time then she might as well get paid for it. I thought let me just give it try and see where this career could possibly go and the journey has been very successful so far!

Dr. E: That makes a lot of sense Lucinda! Now, Mitali you're such a beautiful girl, please tell us about who you are. How would you describe yourself?

Mitali: I am fun, playful, funny (like my mom), giving, thoughtful, and sweet!

Dr. E: Oh how sweet! And what do you like most about modeling?

Mitali: I love wearing cool outfits and taking pictures.

Dr. E: I would love wearing cool outfits and taking pictures too honey! LOL! You really are so photogenic and make any outfit look amazing! Now, because you and your Mom are true beauties let me as you both this question: How would you both define REAL BEAUTY?

Lucinda: Real beauty is being comfortable with yourself flaws and all. Know one is perfect and I define real beauty as being confident in the person God created you to be, giving to others, and humble.

Mitali: Real beauty is not on the outside, it’s on the inside because the inside is who you really are with the right attitude, spirit and all.

Dr. E: I love both of your answers. I always want our audience to always be reminded of their inward beauty. Mitali being so young it's beautiful to see how you define it and you emphasize the "right attitude and spirit!" Speaking of inward beauty Mitali, I see you are already an author emphasizing inner strength and beauty (By the way, my daughter Kori loves your book:), so what inspired you to write it?

Mitali: I wanted to inspire little girls to simply dream big and just be themselves. I know girls love reading books so I wanted to share the importance of living your dreams and being true to yourself from my experience in the pageant world.

Dr. E: Wow! I love how you're such a visionary! That's awesome Mitali! Lucinda, describe what the feeling was like when Mitali wanted to become a young author. What did that mean to you?

Lucinda: As the supportive mom I knew I had to help her get this accomplished. Our schedule is so busy with AAU basketball, photo shoots, modeling/acting classes and etc. that I had to just stop and allow her to work on her book without too much help from me. I wanted to see what she could do on her own and helped when she asked because she is very independent. When she puts her mind to something it will not just go away until she gets it done.

Dr. E: I love that. The key is your involvement and support. She's truly successful because of you Lucinda! You ROCK! Changing gears a little Lucinda. As a woman, wife, and mom, have you ever struggled with your inner beauty? If yes, how did you overcome it to embrace your real beauty?

Lucinda: Growing up I have always been petite and was never this 36-24-36 shaped girl. I always felt like I was not thick or fine enough, and etc. I was always outgoing and keep everyone laughing however, I always insecure about my size. Over the years I learned to just fall in love with every aspect of Lucinda, flaws and all! If someone had a problem with it then that’s their problem and they can sit back and watch me shine. It wasn’t until I really learn the power of forgiveness and learned to fall in love with Lucinda that I became comfortable with the total essence of Lucinda.

Dr. E: What an amazing story of restoration! Yes those insecurities can really eat a way at us, but so glad you learned to embrace your beauty and FORGIVENESS. That is key to moving forward. Now, Lucinda since becoming involved in Mitali's modeling career, have you observed any young girls or their moms struggle with their REAL Beauty? If yes, what did you observe? Also, did you have an opportunity to help them in their struggles?

Lucinda: Well, as an educator I deal with young girls all the time and I always find those that struggle with low self esteem to build up. It’s hard for young kids today because there are so many influences with social media and this constant need to feel relevant. The one thing I really try to get across to my students is the importance of inner confidence, good character and knowing who you really are.

Dr. E: Well a great educator you are! It's important instilling that into our little girls. Lucinda, tell us about your Faith in God. What does it mean to you being involved in the FAB (Fashion and Beauty) Industry with Mitali?

Lucinda: The bible says that your gifts will make room for you! God created Mitali into this little model and I am confident that he will allow the right doors and connections to come along to lead her the right direction.

Dr. E: Yes it does make room for us! I'm confident He will continue to open those doors for you both! Mitali, I've seen a couple of your mom's videos on Facebook where you were reading your bible which I believe is so awesome at such a young age. Tell everyone who God is to you.

Mitali: God is my Lord and savior and he is worthy to be praised all the time! I am so glad that he chose me and I am destined for greatness!

Dr. E: You're confidence amazes me! I'm so glad your parents have done such a great job teaching you truth! Lucinda, do you find a lot of parents asking you how to get their child or children in the FAB Industry? If yes, what is the consistent question and what advice would you give them?

Lucinda: They do and I tell them to make sure they children are really interested in doing this. It is very time consuming and expensive. I simply started by taking pictures of Mitali ALL the time and the more I snapped the more comfortable she became in front of the camera. I was trying to get her started alone however, I kept hitting road blocks. I took her to Neil Hamil in Houston for the training and because they are a well known agency we began getting more recognition.

Dr. E: That's great advice! Lucinda, how has the journey been watching your daughter grow up in the FAB industry?

Lucinda: It’s been amazing because I see where we started when she was 2yrs old and to see her on the cover of an actual magazine as the cover winner and being featured is rewarding.

Dr. E: That's amazing and a true testament of perseverance as well! Mitali, what is it like having your mom right by your side when you have to travel to be in a show?

Mitali: It’s fun because she knows how to get me in the zone. She always tells me to simply have fun and be myself!

Dr. E: Now that is great advice too! Judging by your pictures, you're truly in your zone sweetie! I love it! Lucinda and Mitali, what was the most exciting accomplishment or experience you both have had in the FAB modeling industry?

Lucinda: Rocking an audition with an International scout and being invited to New York City to compete with kids from all around the world was exciting. Honestly, seeing Mitali on that stage in New York and competing with kids from all over the world was like no other experience. The biggest moment that bought tears to our eyes was when Mitali’s number #3946 appeared on the screen for the Commercial Print division of the competition in New York and won!! That was huge for us because Mitali was competing with children from all over the world!

Dr. E: Wow! I can only imagine! Of course I have to ask, what do you both like to do for fun?

Lucinda: I love making others laugh! I enjoy dancing, decorating, and simply being creative! When I have my entire do list done….I love to read a good book!

Mitali: I love designing outfits, drawing, or being creative. I like to relax and watch you tube videos of kids creating things.

Dr. E: How fun indeed! Now, Mitali, if you could choose, what is the major message you want to send to young girls who are aspiring to be a model in the FAB (Fashion and Beauty) Industry?

Mitali: Be confident, have fun, and enjoy it! Don’t let anyone stop you and to keep pushing until you make it to the top.

Dr. E: What a great and inspirational message! Lucinda, what message do you want to convey most to moms or daughters about REAL BEAUTY?

Lucinda: Real beauty is humble, soft, and giving. Some people get so caught up in the outer that they are full of character flaws. Check your character traits and get them in order and what’s on the inside will reflect the outside appearance of every individual.

Dr. E: Yes indeed, Jesus did say you would know them by their fruit! Character traits never lie. Great insight! Okay so, what can we expect to see from the Dynamic Mom and Daughter duo you in 2016? What great plans or projects can we expect to support?

Lucinda: I am working on getting Mitali into more acting roles. I am working toward more speaking engagements to motivate and inspire more women.

Dr. E: How awesome! I know you have an amazing Non-Profit as well right? Tell us more about that and how we can get involved?

Lucinda: Yes, Crayons & Cocoa is my non-profit! Crayons & Cocoa enables children to escape to place of serenity while fostering an environment of creativity and expression. By offering a delightful cup of hot cocoa and a vast array of colorful crayons, children are provided a platform to escape and color the world from their perspective.

Our vision is to provide children that are in foster care or shelters an opportunity to express their feelings and emotions through coloring and enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa which will be a unique way to comfort their precious hearts as they deal with various personal situations through a creative comforting outlet.

Dr. E: Now that is so beautiful! Is there anything else you would like to share with us? Mitali, any last words from you?

Lucinda: Just remember everyone has a purpose, dreams, and goals and simply get them done. No one else’s dream is bigger or better than yours because God gave it to you for a reason. When it is your season to flourish God will be right there to open that door. Until then keep working, posting, and grinding because everyone starts somewhere and you will eventually be in the position that the Lord has for you!!

Mitali: Just believing in yourself and trust that God will do it, just like he said he will!

Dr. E: I love what you both just said! That's encouraging to me as well! Please tell everyone how you can be contacted to stay connected to you, purchase your products, or find out more information about your brand.

Lucinda: I am on social media IG: 818_lucinda, Twitter: 818_lucinda, or visit our website: fontenetgroup.com.

Dr. E: Lucinda and Mitali, thank you so much for sharing such rich insight and wisdom regarding the F.A.B. (Fashion and Beauty) Modeling industry and the importance of REAL BEAUTY!

Everyone please support Lucinda and Mitali! To purchase Mitali's book "Mitali and the Princess Pageant" for your daughter or support Crayons and Cocoa, please visit: FONTENETGROUP.COM.

Get ready to embrace “A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly.”

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