Beauty Myths...Debunked!

Happy F.A.B. (Fashion and Beauty) Friday REAL BEAUTIES! I hope my blog contribution finds you all blessed and beautiful! Today we are going to touch on the subject of debunking some common beauty myths. I hope you're ready!

We have all heard numerous beauty myths whether they are old wives tales, something our grandmothers or mothers told us, from the media, and this list goes on. While some of them are true, so many are not!

I would like to share five with you in hopes of possibly alleviating some beauty anxiety.

1. When purchasing foundation, the color must match the bottom of your chin and not your neck. Not true! Often times, our face and neck are two different colors. If you get foundation that is the color of your face when your neck is a different color, your foundation will look as if it is a mask. That is NOT what you want! Although some beauty consultants at places like MAC or Sephora will start trying to match your foundation to the bottom of your chin, politely tell them that would rather the color of your foundation match the skin tone of your neck. This will provide a consistent complexion! (Pictured above: Nars Foundation)

2. Red lipstick only looks good on certain complexions. – Soooo not true! Red lipstick complements ALL complexions, from the fairest to deepest skin tones. The trick is finding what shade of red is best. Sometimes an pinky red may work better versus a berry red. Sometimes a classic red may take some getting used to, so a more muted red may work best. Always remember certain techniques such as lining the lips, or different lip color formulas like gloss or matte, make a difference also. Every woman should have her perfect shade of red – no if, ands, or buts about it!

3. Wearing makeup causes breakouts. – Well, it depends. While there is the possibility of an allergic reaction to makeup, often times breakouts from makeup is due to bad skincare habits. Falling asleep with makeup on, using old makeup, not cleaning makeup brushes often, and not having a good skincare regimen are a few major bad habits you don’t want to have. NEVER go to bed with your makeup on and clean your brushes at least once a week (I like to use baby shampoo and tea tree oil as an antiseptic). Finally, find a proper skin care regimen for your skin type and follow it in the mornings and at night. These things will help to ensure makeup doesn’t cause breakouts. It may not compensate for those of us who may suffer from clinical skin issues, but it will certainly help.

4. Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker. – Nope..not true! When you shave, your hair is cut off at its thickest point of the strand, so when it grows out, that is the part that grows out first. It’s just biology! Waxing also doesn’t completely make the hair grow back thinner either. Waxing damages the hair follicle, so for some time the hair will grow back thinner, but that is temporary. Within 2-3 months, once the hair stand has ran its course, it will be back at its original thickness. Only electrolysis and laser hair removal will permanently thin hair and reduce growth.

5. Sunscreen should always be worn on the face. – Finally, one that is true! This one is true for both genders and ALL skin complexions. Sunscreen is often found in many facial moisturizers, such as the Neutrogena Visibly Even facial moisturizer. Sunscreen protects the skin against harmful UV rays, prevents premature aging, and reduces the appearance of skin discolorations and blotchiness. (Neutrogena products above can be found at your local Walgreens or drug stores).

Well ladies, these are just a few of MANY beauty “facts and fauxs” out there. I would love to hear a few from you as well. What are some common beauty myths you have heard? Please share in the comments section below or ​on our various social media sites where this blog will be posted: Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, I will be including this on my Instagram beauty blog, FaithLoveBeauty. Make sure to follow me! I look forward to the connection and dialoguing with you ladies about your most common beauty myths. Have a FAB Friday!


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