This F.A.B. (Fashion and Beauty) Friday we wanted to direct our focus to the lady who’s always on the go....

You're a wife, mother, entrepreneur, or maybe the successful bachelorette climbing the corporate ladder. Either way your time is in high demand and the more life requires your attention, the smaller that window for G.L.A.M. appears. No matter how many hats you’re wearing, we’re always going for Great!! Who says a girl can't wear several hats and look good while doing it?! We don’t and we won’t allow you to either. For the lady on the go trying to achieve the most effortless look, sometimes all it takes is finding the perfect stain.

Naturally when we think of stains and we relate it to life, we think of something unwanted and flawed, but that’s not true for the G.L.A.M. girl or a daughter of the King. It's because of His unfailing love & mercy that we can freely express all this F.A.B.! We’ve been cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ and the only stains we're excited to wear is on our lips.

If you dare to go bold we are recommending these liquid lipsticks by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Its color popping, high pigmented, long lasting, and full of glamour. Besides nobody has time for touch ups when you're busy making moves towards purpose and passion. From neutrals to hues of orange, red, & berries you're sure to find the lip that speaks, “Put together and polished!”

What we love about this product is that the way it looks when you initially apply it is how it will look all day long. Be careful though because once it’s on, it is definitely here to stay! We've shared it below just in case you haven’t seen these beauties in person. You can get most shades at your local Macy’s or shop online.

Once you apply your lip and enhance those lashes with a voluminous mascara of choice, it’s time to accessorize. We love layered arm candy for everyday business attire. You can find some amazing inspiration on stylevitae. This look below transitions seamlessly for a lunch date in the middle of the afternoon with business partners, a new beau, or even a play date with the kiddos. Graced next to the perfect clutch, we think you can add one more hat to your wardrobe. The demand is high for G.L.A.M and the supply is plentiful!

We hope you enjoy your FAB Friday and remember ladies, if you're going to be "stained" make it beautiful and G.L.A.M!

Get ready to embrace “A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly.”

We want to hear from you, has this blog entry inspired you or is there a particular topic you will like to know more about from our category section? Please let us know in the comment section below or email us at

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