Marriage Chronicles - Differences Become Your Strengths (OH & Happy ANNIVERSARY To Us!)

*Singing*…Do you know what today is? It’s our Anniversary, Anniversary! :)

Hubby and I opening the door to our new life with God leading the way...

That’s right! I’m kicking off this week to celebrate our Anniversary! It has been 3 years sharing life with this amazing man! I won’t take up your day by reiterating who he is to me, but please feel free to read more about him on my blog from a couple of weeks ago entitled, “Introducing…Him.”

We met May 8, 2010. We married February 23, 2013 and guess what? We have ALWAYS forgotten our anniversary! Lol I know it’s only been three years, but you would think a newly married couple wouldn’t forget their anniversary right?! Like, who does that? We have! We almost forgot it again this year, but we were at a gathering and they asked us when we got married and realized it was coming up! Ha! Well, so glad I at least remembered or I wouldn’t be sharing this with you all.

I'm seated with my beautiful two nieces (flowergirls) and Bridesmaids/Sisters who have ALWAYS

been my biggest supporters, prayer partners, and keeps me in stitches with laughter...

Marriage is great AND (not but) it takes great work! I’ve come to the conclusion very early on, the quality of your marriage will be contingent upon the amount of work you are willing to put into it. It’s not easy AT ALL! You have to join two strong individuals from two different upbringings, two different personalities, and two different genders! That within itself sounds like a recipe for disaster if you think about it!

However, if you are willing to incorporate the SAME GOD, the creator or manufacturer of marriage, you can truly experience a great marriage! I’m only speaking from three years in, so bear with me as I get better at this! One day, I hope we can be as accomplished as our dear friends Al and Deb Davis, who I interviewed a couple of weeks back (read it here.) They have such wisdom and richness I am still learning to implement as a result of that interview. Again, thanks guys!

My hosteeses/little sisters and our "big" daughter (far right).

They have often told me I've taught them a lot but they were the ones who have been my teachers! I love them so much!

In marriage, with all of your differences it actually adds strength to the other person. For instance, I was born in the Philippines, but raised in Naples, TX (small town of 1400 people). I was raised in the South. I was taught to speak to everyone who looked you in the eyes, or as you pass by someone’s house raise your hand to say hello. As opposed to my husband who was born in Philadelphia, raised in North Philly, a major city, and was taught you better not look a person in the eye you don’t know because the other person is thinking you are about to rob them! Like are you kidding me?! REAL TALK! Lol

When I visited Philly for the first time, I was in complete culture shock! Ha! My husband had to “coach” me in the culture of Philly. He had to reiterate, "Babe, don't forget this ain't Naples! You can't look at people in their eyes when you’re walking down the street in the hood." I’m like dude, are you serious?! I was terrified! Lol

Now, Philly is one of my favorite places to go! I know we are going soon, so stay tuned! I’ll have to blog about some of my favorite Philly spots. Now, I can't say I "fit in" but I can manage to follow the "Philly rules" while not being AS terrified! (You already know I'm praying without ceasing right?!) Lol

My Hubby doing the Heisman Trophy pose with the fellas!

My husband has that East coast flair. He's blunt and straight to the point. Sometimes he can come across too strong for me. I bring a more Southern hospitality. I too can speak my mind, but I just don’t have that same East coast “edge.” This has come across passive for him. You can chalk this up to personality types as well, but there is a major cultural difference from the South and East Coast. Who out there knows what I’m talking about? However, through this significant difference, my husband has taught me to be more vocal and my approach has taught him how to be more thoughtful in HOW he says things.

To those of you engaged or desire marriage, it's okay to have common interests with your significant other/future significant other. This is important. However, you will soon discover, trusting God through those deeper personality or cultural differences is not designed to cause a split. Instead, it is designed to teach you how to grow as individuals and jointly. Don’t allow those differences to cause division. Matthew 10:9 reads, “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate." Just make sure God is doing the joining…not you, your insecurities, lack, or pressures from this world. Stay the course in prayer by allowing Christ to fill the role as your mate until you’re ready. Then when that special time comes maybe you’ll be able to join my husband and me by forgetting your Anniversary as well! Ha!

Three years down and a lifetime to go...

This is just one of many areas where my husband and I differ. Maybe I’ll blog about this more in the future how our other differences have strengthened our marriage. What do you think?:)

Today, I wanted to share just a little bit more about us and encourage you in your marriage. Remember, the differences you both bring to the table will strengthen the other.

(Pastor Remus Wright officiated our wedding. He's amazing!) Enjoy the Bruce Wedding Highlight created by Speedlight Media...

To my married couples, please let me know how your differences have strengthened you individually and jointly. I would love to learn more from you as well! Please share them in the comments section below or if you have questions feel free to ask. I look forward to hearing from you!

I'm looking forward to what this special day will bring! Until next time...


-Dr. E

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Get ready to embrace “A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly.”

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