F.A.B. Feature Friday - Porshea Wilkins-Agomo

This Friday I've decided to do something different with this F.A.B. (Fashion & Beauty) Feature. Yes, we are all about providing you with Fashion and Beauty tips, but ultimately our mission is to Redefine REAL BEAUTY. Today, I wanted to write a special tribute to my dear sister, Porshea Wilkins-Agomo. She reflects REAL BEAUTY and has helped thousands of women (very soon millions of women) to Redefine REAL BEAUTY by disseminating the message of hope and purpose!

Her message also exemplifies REALNESS, TRANSPARENCY, AUTHENTICITY, BOLDNESS, and living UNAPOLOGETICALLY in who Christ created you to be. She also "teaches professionals how to understand the principles that govern a life of substance!" Her formula is this: "Your Passion x Your Purpose + a Platform = Power! (TM)" She exudes this through her social media posts, Monday night calls with women across the globe, and colliding with her husband's dreams, Jarrod Agomo, in their business and kingdom ventures. You can feel her passion and protection as a wife, mother of Princess Chandler, business woman, sister, and friend.

What you see is what you get, meaning everything she portrays in social media is a direct reflection of who she is and how she lives her life! How solid is that?! Oh, and might I add, she is STUNNING! With those high cheekbones, I’ve told her on many occasions, “I really think you’re my long lost sister!” LOL Not to mention, Porshea looked like my daughter Kori, when she was her age! I know this to be true because the proof is in a picture she sent to me! LOL One more thing, she's fashionable too, don't get it twisted! LOL This is why it makes it so easy to feature her this FAB Friday! She represents beauty…in and out.

I met Porshea years ago on LinkedIN. She posted one of her radio interview replays teaching on The “P.O.W.E.R. Principles." I was immediately drawn to the message title and I listened to it intently. She delivered her message with such clarity and power. I felt so compelled to reached out to let her know how much I appreciated her powerful message. I sensed her genuineness and warmth through her response. That was the starting point of us remaining in contact via social media over the years.

We would witness each other’s seasons change from afar, commenting on pictures here and there. Next thing I know, she had gotten hitched to an anointed man of God who reflects her strength and passion. Sidebar: Ladies, I’ve always believed this: who you are currently with in a relationship or who you CHOOSE to be with (beyond who you attract) is a direct reflection of what's going on inside of you. REAL BEAUTY takes time to develop because it's beyond the outward appearance. It takes being tried by the fire of life, losses, heartbreaks, and suffering to build true beauty and character. A connection with Christ is key to this process! Now that I have connected to both Porshea and Jarrod Agomo I can tell they had been through this type of adversity to be prepared for one another because their calling is so great! Now, their DREAMS HAVE COLLIDED!

It's amazing how God connects us to people in one season of our lives even though we may not have a direct purpose at the initial encounter. Only God knows how to perfectly orchestrate that and God did just that with my relationship to my dear sister. Obviously we both had no clue that years later (probably 7-8 years later) after a simple post from LinkedIN God would have us reconnect for a major purpose...STRAIGHT TALK WOMAN TALK (STWT)! View Porshea’s Story when you get a moment to understand the birth of STWT entitled:

My Pain His Purpose.

Here's the deal, I've shared my story before, but not my ENTIRE story. I didn't mind sharing my experience (finally) regarding the death of a husband in my early twenties, but I was so ashamed to be TRANSPARENT about the decisions I made after my loss (remarriage, divorce, broken relationships). I just couldn't do it until I met Porshea. The platform of STWT was the first time I had EVER shared my ugliness (now turned to beauty:) publicly and it was LIBERATING!

God had prepared me, then He had to position me, next I had to make the RIGHT connection! It was indeed a process to push through but it was oh so worth it! Porshea's formula works: My Passion X My Purpose + Platform (STWT) equated to POWER! It was the power of Christ working in me to give me boldness! Witnessing Porshea’s testimony was so encouraging, but more importantly her obedience made her purpose evident to all women.

Porshea started the Monday STWT calls to empower women, provide them with a platform and safe place to share their pain, and ultimately be set free through Jesus Christ. It began January 2015 and has consistently been an empowerment source for women to gain the principles of God’s word and learn how to effectively apply it in their lives. Countless women, including myself have gained immense spiritual strength and replenishment through this platform!

Then God lead Porshea to commemorate a year of STWT by bringing all of the Impact Partners and participants together for the STRAIGHT TALK WOMAN TALK Intensive on January 16th, 2016. Then, we (Porshea and I) FINALLY met in person! LOL After years of social media interaction, we embraced each other with love and admiration.

I'll never forget we stood on the stage together, she took me by the hand in front of hundreds of women, looked me in the eye and said, "Sis, I just want you to know that you are not alone..." Those words continue to resonate with me. It's true, I haven't been alone. I've gained many sisters from the STWT calls and Intensive. If you're on the road to purpose then you can certainly relate to “the feeling” you are in this “by yourself.” The truth is you are NOT alone but sometimes you need to hear those comforting words.

I have a supporting family and close friends to cheer me along this path. They have been so faithful to encourage me in my down times. However, it's equally refreshing to connect with a sister like Porshea who is so genuine, supportive, and all about the Kingdom of God to live life Transparently and Abundantly in Christ. It gives you the extra push you need to make your dreams and purpose come alive!

By the way, she had no clue I was going to do this (LOL), but I know I can speak for many who can say her obedience has been LIFE CHANGING to many!

March 5th, 2016 I have the honor of serving along side her for the STWT Impart Session. After the STWT Intensive on Jan 16th I felt it strong in my spirit she and I would be serving together. Guess what? God had ALREADY confirmed that in her spirit! Isn't God amazing?!

Ladies, I'm speaking this from my own experiences, but I want you to join us so you can have your own STWT Testimony! This was not just about a tribute to my sister Porshea, because she truly does deserve it, but to also INSPIRE you to experience your own STWT transformation!

If you're ready to Redefine REAL BEAUTY in your life then join the STWT Monday calls and be prepared to join us as we serve in my city, Dallas, TX! It's time to remove our masks so we can embrace who Christ has called us to be, Transparently and Abundantly! Don't you agree? Then join us! You'll be so glad you did!


Get ready to embrace “A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly.”

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