F.A.B. FEATURE FRIDAY - Toni Duclottni

We are Redefining Real Beauty this F.A.B. (Fashion and Beauty) Feature Friday with Ms. Toni Duclottni, the owner of 'House of Haute.' What can I say? Isn't she just stunning?! But don't let the outward appearance fool you. Ms Toni's beauty runs deep with substance, talent, and brilliance! She's strong inwardly, she's such a sweetheart, a giver, and has an amazing fun personality! She's not afraid to speak her mind or stand for truth. She's a lover of Christ and a mom. She has educated many with her love for fashion and did I mention she has a MEAN shoe collection!? LOL

We've only met a couple times here in the Dallas area but I have admired her from a far, watching her fabulous videos on House of Haute, YouTube Channel (Please SUBSCRIBE:). I knew of her because her brother and I were really good friends while in college at Prairie View A&M University. Of course he said nothing but great things about her and when he showed me a picture of her, I was like wow she is gorgeous! Little did I know, my connection to her brother would allow us to serve a purpose together in this interview almost 15 years later.

Toni is also an actress/model who was featured in Kem's video "It's You." She also played Gary's wife, Monique, in the movie "Whitney" and the list goes on. What I love most about her is she is extremely humble and grateful to God for those opportunities and she never forgets who her true source is...Christ. Lets take a closer peek into her FABulous life...ENJOY!

Dr. E: Please tell everyone who Toni Duclottni is and what are some of her major accomplishments?

Toni: First and foremost I’m a mother, of two amazing boys, that happens to love God with all my heart! I’ve successfully launched 3 companies, one of which is 6 years old and I still own it today. At the age of 16 I was the amongst the youngest professional A2 Sound Engineers in the state of Texas (A2 is fancy for Second in Command). That, to this day has to be my most beloved accomplishment for me personally.

Dr. E: Why did you get into the F.A.B. (Fashion and Beauty) industry?

Toni: As a woman who's overcome major adversity, I think is critically important to change the dynamic in which we (as a people) define beauty. It's sounds so cliché to say that beauty starts from within, but it's absolutely true. The outside is merely the icing on the cake. I'll get to that reference a bit later.

Dr. E: How would you define Real Beauty?

Toni: Real Beauty starts from within; specifically with the heart and works its way outward. One’s flesh can be appealing or attractive but it doesn’t make them beautiful. We all know at least one person that is physically attractive but is rotten on the inside. Not matter how gorgeous they appear, their ugly ways shines through their pores.

Dr. E: Have you ever struggled with your inner beauty? If yes, how did you overcome it to embrace your real beauty?

Toni: I have absolutely struggled with my inner beauty. After suffering various forms of abuse throughout my youth, I disliked myself very much. It was difficult to look in the mirror at times. It truly was the love of God that restored a healthy perspective of myself. My parents played a huge role in my recovery as well. They constantly kept me covered with prayer.

Dr. E: Do you find a lot of your clients (or people you encounter regularly) open up to you about their personal inner beauty struggles? If yes, what are some of them and how do you help them during those moments?

Toni: You know it’s really interesting that people in general (not just women) open up to me about things they’ve never shared with anyone. I’ve had at least 4 guys to share with me that they’d been molested as a child. I truly believe that the battles that I’ve fought in my own life have prepared me to deal with issues and tragedies that other people have endured as well as to be a great encourager with sincere empathy.

Dr. E: Tell us about your Faith in God. What does it mean to you in you line of work?

Toni: My Faith IS My EVERYTHING! I gave my life to Christ in the Summer of 1988 at the age of 6 and half and haven’t looked back since. I’ve needed God and every ounce of faith that I could muster up in order to survive the obstacles and trials I faced. I’m an entrepreneur by every definition. I act full-time and run my company as well (also full-time). My entire existence in the business world relies solely on Faith. Having faith that: I’ll make the right choices; hire the right people; make the right investments; KNOW when to say NO. Yeah, Faith may as well be my middle name.

Dr. E: What is the one F.A.B. question you get asked consistently?

Toni: People always want to know about my skin! I’m a skincare JUNKIE.. I mean it may be close to becoming a problem. lol

Dr. E: If there was one F.A.B. tip you can give to women struggling with F.A.B. who desire to live a more FABULOUS life, what would it be?

Toni: Invest in Yourself. Take the time to invest in yourself: Literally - Mind. Body. Soul. It’s so important. I myself have to do better. I spend on average 16-18 hours a day working. Because I love what I do, it’s not really work for me, but finding a balance is critically important. I need to sleep more and drink more water. So I’ve challenged myself to this 8 & 8 challenge I created. I, for a minimum of 8 days have to drink 8 glasses of water and get at least 8 hours of sleep. I’ll keep you posted on that lol.

Dr. E: What do you like to do for fun?

Toni: This is going to sound so pathetic. I LOVE my work so much. I actually find very satisfying and pleasurable. I also love to golf, travel, EAT and explore the latest tech gadgets. I am of course, a dork.

Dr. E: What can we expect to see from you in 2016? What great plans or projects can we expect to support?

Toni: I plan on making House of Haute a larger platform. That will entail the release of my autobiography/memoir. Almost simultaneously I hope to have my book written in script format as well and ready for the screen. Last year I had a couple of interested parties that wanted to turn my story into a MOW (movie of the week) type movie or mini series.

Dr. E: Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Toni: LOVE. Love is the greatest gift one can receive. But no seriously, I want women (especially) to know that you can be fabulous and still LOVE God with all your heart.

Dr. E: Please tell everyone how you can be contacted should they need your services, make purchases, or find out more information about your brand.

Toni: Please subscribe to the House of Haute youtube channel for an amazing adventure in Fashion and Beauty http://www.youtube.com/HouseOfHaute. Checkout HouseofHaute.com to shop the store for some fabulous (inexpensive) statement pieces. And to make it all very simple, you can download the House of Haute App on iTunes and Google Marketplace -it’s free. Thanks for having me Dr. E!

Thank you Toni for opening your heart to our audience to share your perspective and struggles on #REALBEAUTY. You're truly a jewel and I look forward to us collaborating together again in the near future! Everyone, please make sure you support our F.A.B. Feature, Ms. Toni Duclottni!

Get ready to embrace “A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly.”

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