F.A.B. FEATURE FRIDAY - Tavia Whitlowe

We are Redefining Real Beauty this F.A.B. Feature Friday with Mrs. Tavia Whitlowe, the owner of 'For Beauty Sake.' She’s a beautiful, sweet soul. She’s so down to earth and super funny! I met her through my photographers Anthony and Chandra Douglas. As she applied my makeup for the photoshoot for all of the fabulous pictures you've seen in A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly Blog, we began to talk about life, family, and beauty. I love what she stands for, her fabulousness, and faith in God. Let's take a closer peek into her FABULOUS LIFE, enjoy!

Dr. E: Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Tavia: I am Tavia Whitlowe, owner of For Beauty Sake. A beauty and fashion consulting company. Oh and I blog too. I am a wife to my awesome husband for 19 years and we have 3 grown up daughters that we are really excited about being grown up. LOL

Dr. E: Why did you get into the F.A.B. (Fashion and Beauty) industry?

Tavia: For the love and fascination of being beautiful on the outside. Yes we are to be beautiful within but how cool is it to make your outside match your inside? Makeup and fashion is simply amazing. When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you do good. Great combinations.

Dr. E: How would you define Real Beauty?

Tavia: Knowing who you are and owning it. There are so many women that want to be fabulous but afraid of what other people will think of them. When you start walking in your truth, you are fabulous. The beauty has been there all along but it is up to you to bring it forth.

Dr. E: Have you ever struggled with your inner beauty? If yes, how did you overcome it to embrace your real beauty?

Tavia: Absolutely. The way you look outside can ultimately affect the way you feel on the inside. I was not the girl that all the boys was going for when I was in high school. That did a number on my self esteem. The result of that was me allowing males to take full advantage of me. I did not believe I was beautiful. Unfortunately I did not have a mentor in my life that would teach me how to understand my worth. A lot of my discoveries of myself came as I got older. Honey I was well into my 30's when I finally realize I was a queen. Even though I had a husband, nothing he could say would make me believe I was valuable. Then I started connecting with God and God broke me down and anointed me with the Holy Spirit to show me Tavia. Once I got the truth, I was able to walk with my head up and be the queen that I am. For those who know me, you know I am what they call a "selfie queen". Meaning I take a lot of pictures of myself. And I tell everyone that cares and even if they don't, I will never apologize for loving myself because it took me a long time to be me.

Dr. E: Do you find a lot of your clients open up to you about their personal inner beauty struggles? If yes, what are some of them and how do you help them during those moments?

Tavia: Oh yes. One that I care to mention are insecurities. It can actually steam from their outer appearance, With all of these social media models and their fake body parts, it is easy to get insecure about yourself. The internet has made us believe we have to look a certain way in order for us to be attractive. So because I don't have a certain body type, it is affecting my mind and how I feel about myself. My advice with that is discover who you are and then explore the many opportunities being a woman has to offer. Your findings will strengthen you and when you become strong, there is no stopping you.

Dr. E: Tell us about your Faith in God. What does it mean to you in you line of work?

Tavia: My faith in God is big because there is no other that want to see me win more. There were times that I believe my life could have ended but God kept me here and I know he didn't bless me with his grace to not succeed. I certainly have a testimony and each day I wake up my faith grows bigger because this is God allowing me another opportunity to see what I believe in him for to come to pass. I never saw myself on the end of helping someone else with their beauty needs because there was a time in my life that I was very insecure. I now see myself for who God made me to be and it has a lot to do with how I can make other women feel beautiful.

Dr. E: What is the one F.A.B. question you get asked consistently?

Tavia: Can you make me as fabulous as you. And I say honey it took a long time for me to get this way but since your event is in a couple of hours, I will work faster on you. LOL

Dr. E: If there was one F.A.B. tip you can give to women struggling with F.A.B. who desire to live a more FABULOUS life, what would it be?

Tavia: Don't under estimate the power of makeup. There are so many women who do not wear it and I have discovered the reasons are they are scared of it. They believe it will make them look like they are trying to hard or that it can't be natural. Makeup is a wonderful invention. There are so many ways to wear it. It truly enhances the beauty that is already there. It changes your entire attitude. You become the woman that all along you wanted to be. Don't be afraid to enhance your look. Don't be afraid to live up to the full potential and benefits of being a woman.

Dr. E: What can we expect to see from you in 2016? What great plans or projects can we expect to support?

Tavia: A new website for sure. I am working on a few items that I want to sell through the site and one of those items would be t-shirts. So I am starting a For Beauty Sake T-Shirt line. Really excited about that. Also I am working on my own line of makeup brushes. That will take some time but I believe it will happen.

Dr. E: What do you like to do for fun?

Tavia: I travel with my friends or just hang out with them. It is so fun when we all get together and just live life together. We shut every place we go to down. LOL! We even spend holidays together. My friends are my fun.

Dr. E: Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Tavia: Just want everyone to keep up with me. I have some wonderful things that I am doing and I want to share it with all of my ladies. I am always thinking of a master plan and I want you all to be there when it all happens.

Dr. E: Please tell everyone how you can be contacted should they need your services in the future.

You: Please go to my social media pages. Facebook: For Beauty Sake; Instagram: For Beauty Sake. I am going to start using Periscope so find me: MrsLadyTee. You can also call me at 214-282-4500 or send me a message through those social media pages. Yes, let us stay connected!

Get ready to embrace “A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly.”

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