The Inception of A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly ©

On the heels of experiencing a high from a wonderful opportunity in Atlanta, GA with Heart and Soul Magazine at the 2015 Steve Harvey Expo, I came home feeling discouraged. I had no idea where it was coming from but I know when I “get in my feelings” it’s a sure sign that prayer must be the next option to prevent me from living in that place.

I took some time to seek God to understand why I was having those feelings after such a great experience. That expo encompassed 3 power packed days of interacting with new people, business owners, speaking on platforms, and facilitating classes. When I returned home I was faced with four walls of silence interacting with my own thoughts.

I felt disillusioned and unsuccessful. I’m naturally an overachiever so I have to remind myself that it doesn’t have to be “poppn” all the time for me to feel accomplished. I soon realized that moment was God’s way of pressing me into a place to hear from Him.

I quickly peeled open my leather journal, grabbed my Mont Blanc pen and began journaling. I started to seek God for one thing, but turns out He directed me to something else. He wanted me to notice something I had been neglecting for some time. I neglected to pay attention to myself and how I felt after I wrote in my journal. I felt a release, free from the clutter of my discouraging and negative thoughts. Then it hit me, I hadn’t been writing consistently in my journal in a long time. God showed me I had moved away from my first love which was writing.

I experienced a huge transition from 2012-2014 which diminished my desire to journal on a regular basis. I moved from Houston, Texas to Dallas, Texas, got married, had a baby, then shortly afterwards we moved twice IN Dallas (from my husband’s townhome then to an apartment waiting on our home to be built). I experienced the great joys and lows of the transition. It was difficult adjusting in the “Big D or Triple D.” Although I had family and some friends in town, we didn’t spend a lot of time together.

I was too busy embracing the role of a wife and learning how to “be one” with my husband and although having a baby was joyous, it was a difficult adjustment in our lives. Not to mention the physical and hormonal changes and challenges of the pregnancy! Talking about a roller coaster ride of emotions! Oh but it was oh so worth it!

All of those monumental changes in my life was a time I should have been writing the most, but I didn’t. I used to feel horrible about not writing about those major milestones because I had written about past ones. Then I realized life’s transitions, even good ones, require you to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually shift as well. You can’t beat yourself up when your “normal” (single, dating, no children, traveling) routine shifts (to marriage, new baby, less freedom) due to a major life change. You have to learn to embrace the life change and learn to celebrate them because you will never get those moments back again. I was learning to embrace my new roles as wife and mommy. Now those memories whether inscribed on paper or not are indelible!

I wondered why God led me to the Steve Harvey Expo. I had plans or desires for things to happen but they did not happen the way I planned. Well I guess they never do right? I am thankful God did use me to touch many lives at the event and I made some great connections. For that I’m grateful! However, God had another plan in mind, to bring me back home to experience growth in my business, personal life, and reintroduce the awareness of my gift of writing.

This is why I love God so much. He will take our disillusionments and discouragements and transform them into opportunities for growth and purpose. The reminder of my neglect of writing was to not condemn me, but a reminder for me to pick up my pen again more consistently.

God has truly re-established and restored my life! Talking about a broke down person…that was me all the way in my past: from unresolved past childhood issues, from the loss of husband in my early twenties, quickly remarrying only to divorce 8 months later, jumping into another relationship after that for me to experience heartbreak…whew! Something had to give and that was me! I wrote through those experiences and embraced so much healing in Christ. Those journal entries remained to be labeled as my private victories.

BUT this time, my gift of writing was not to remain in the privacy of my home shelved away in my secret places. God put “a spin” on my outlet of writing. This time I am led to share some of those life’s transitions with you openly, transparently, hence this was the inception of A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly ©.

When I initially received this direction, you can just imagine how excited I was since He answered my prayer after seeking for Him direction. Then I realized…wait-a-minute I am a private person! That is why it has taken me so long to even share my testimony with others. I was deathly afraid at the thought of being transparent or for others to “see through” me for various reasons. One, I don’t like folks in my business! LOL Secondly, I feared rejection. Lastly, I didn’t want folks to view me a “certain” way.

By creating this lifestyle blog God was answering my consistent prayer, “Lord, deliver me from the opinions of other people.” Living a purposeful, transparent life will certainly deliver you from the opinions of others. It doesn’t mean when others have opinions it will not hurt on occasion, but it means despite their opinions you will do what God has told you to do.

When God leads you into something great it will certainly require you to move outside of your comfort zone. I can assure you, your comfort zones will never align with God’s purpose for your life. God was creating “A NEW ME” and wanted me to live it out loud and share it transparently with you. This also required another level of obedience increasing my growth which led me to STEP INTO my purpose and STEP OUT on faith to trust God along the way. I can assure you I don’t have all of the answers or the direction He will take this, but I’m ready to step into my greatness!

By moving forward in faith, God has shown me how to marry the things I love in life: family, God, purpose, lifestyle, seeing others experience freedom emotionally and spiritually, writing, fashion, beauty, business, and giving others a platform by sharing their gift of writing. I love to inspire others towards change and help lead them towards restoration on their life’s journey.

Again, I welcome you my NEW ME Family! Let’s get ready to celebrate a beautiful beginning and a journey filled with growth, opportunity, transparency, inspiration, encouragement, and beauty in Christ!

Get ready to embrace “A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly.”

-Xoxo Dr. E.

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