August 30, 2016

Have you ever felt burned out and weary?  This was the emotional place I was in about 3 weeks ago. I didn't feel like writing, encouraging anyone, or even inspirational.  Usually, I could push through the emotions, but for some reason I felt emotionally stuck....

Happy F.A.B. (Fashion and Beauty) Friday! 

The woman on the go always has a busy schedule and that includes a busy morning. Some of our beauties save the weekend to totally G.L.A.M. it up, but just because you're pressed for time, doesn’t mean you have to look like it.


I know the fact that I grew up in a struggling environment is definitely the fabric that outlines who I am. Had I not had those experiences that remain as scars I might not appreciate the life I have today. Some people might choose to block out and or forget their stru...

I recently had breakfast with someone that I have admired from afar for a while.  She didn’t know how much admiration I had for her; so I played it cool during our time together.  That breakfast was such a huge deposit in my life and business, I felt as if my personal...

This hot season continues to

be upon us and if you are in the

south as I am, you have been

experiencing an all-out heat

wave.  Talk about miserable! 

Summer time comes with higher

temperatures, higher humidity in

some parts of the country, and a

major need for som...

August 9, 2016

“…Some people will work things out
And some just don't know how to change…

Let's not wait till the water runs dry
We might watch our whole lives pass us by
Let's not wait till the water runs dry
We'll make the biggest mistake of our lives
Don't do it, baby…”

This is one...

In April 2016, I decided to take a no-dating fast since my friends were all concerned about my love life, or rather, lack thereof.

“You just don’t seem as excited about love anymore.”

“We’re concerned that you’ve gotten too comfortable being single. Don’t you still want...

August 2, 2016

I admit, this past month has taken an emotional toll on me. It was traumatic to witness the senseless deaths from black lives, police officers, and people around the world experiencing terrorist’s attacks. It was like multiple death waves crashing upon the shores of my...

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A journal of hope, inspiration, and worth, while embracing my NEW ME. 

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